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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Colorful String

AveryLabelBrownPaperPackages One of my “favorite things” to wrap gifts year-round is brown kraft paper with bakers twine or garden twine. When I was asked to get creative with holiday labels from Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery that are available at Staples stores, I decided to pair them with these favorites. And what fun I did have. First I created and printed my labels starting with the name tags. Avery’s site has it down with their online editor letting you add your names right into the template and printing onto the decorative sheets. I then created a coordinating set of woodland friend stickers to dress up the packages. You can download these at the end of the post and print them onto 1.5″ Avery circle labels. Gathering all of my materials I wrapped my boxes in the kraft paper. One look I really like is to completely crinkle the paper before I wrap the box. You can follow along in the tutorial below on some fun ideas for decorating the kraft wrapped boxes. This is a great project to share with your kids. I have also included a Silhouette template for the tiny snowflakes I used for both the boxes and the mini tree decor. I cut these from a metallic white paper to add a touch of shimmer. Enjoy! ~ Lia (NOTE: The Silhouette template if for the Cameo Silhouette cutting machine and can not be opened or used any other way. Those who have the machine understand what to do with it),

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  1. I love this idea. I bought a huge roll of brown paper one year, decking out each package with a hand drawn Christmas picture using colored pencils; trees, snowmen, frosty forests, etc. Using embossing powders helped create some neat effects too. I love the use of decorating with snowflakes. Since I don’t have a Silhouette I’m just going to create my own the old fashioned way. I might have to break out the rest of the brown paper for this year too.

  2. How do you do the bows with the bakers twine. They look so cute!

  3. Lia, you are killing me with these woodland creatures all dressed up for the holidays! Could they get any cuter?! (Um, no. No they can’t.)

    It’s all just so adorable. Your woodland gift wrap collection is my fave this year.

    Lisa :)

  4. Thank you, its starting to look like Christmas , so pretty. :)

  5. Hi, Lia!

    I got to open the folder for the snowflake pattern, but because of the files format it’s not possible to open it without a certain program I guess. The files are in “studio” format and it is not recognized to open with the existing programs of the computer. Is it possible to post it in another file format?

    Thank you so much! :)

  6. Hi Lia,

    Is it possible for me to download a pdf of the snowflakes? Thank you for all you do. I love your blog! Thanks.

  7. Lia, impostible to download these beautifull snowflaks!!!!
    Sinff, sniff…

  8. Hi Lia,
    Thanks to share, all of your ideas are very nice. In this case, it’s imposible to open the file silhouette snowflakes pattern.

    • As I just told another reader, this is a folder so it will pop up in a window for you to download from. You will need to check your browser to allow this from my site.

  9. So So So cute!!!!!!
    I heart baker’s twine!

  10. These are delightful ideas! Could you tell me where I can find the snowflake string?

  11. I love these. When I try to download them though, it just comes up with the link to pin them. (When I click on the grey tab at the bottom of the post.)

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