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  1. Great tools! Thanks for the list :)

  2. Hi Lia!
    I just wanted to know where you get your “floral wire”. I am trying to make some of your beautiful paper flowers and I can’t seem to find any. Thanks a lot!

  3. gosh you blog is amazing no wonder Martha Stewart thinks its great I love it
    Your genorosity is excellent

  4. Do you sell these items as well? If yes, how much will the first kit and the second one cost including shipping charges

    • I don’t sell them myself. Each item is sold through Amazon. You can click onto the item or the link below the image so go to the page. If you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free for most of the items.

  5. Hi Lia! I’ve seen frequently seen “letter weight paper” as a tool in your paper flower tutorials.What exactly is letter weight paper? I can’t seem to find it in any of my local arts and crafts stores nearby. Are there alternatives and where can I get this paper type? Thanks again for all your creative DIY projects!

    • Letter weight or text weight paper is the common weight you might use for stationery or for your copier or printer. Often times craft stores have two weights of colored papers and one will be card stock and the other a text weight. I use the lighter of the two.

  6. Love all these tools but what about your printer? A good printer makes a great difference. What kind of printer do you use?

    • I was planning to add that into the mix. I LOVE the Xerox laser printer but that is not something everyone has at home so my inkjet choice is an HP.

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