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DIY Paper Bag Easter Basket

Easter Basket Made from An Upcycled Grocery Bag

This project is an oldie but goodie! I posted this basket a few years ago on my former blog and have seen it republished on other many websites and in several magazines. Last year I shared how to make a smaller version of this basket, which is also cute and has a brilliant method for… Read more.


Make a Gorgeous Paper Orchid Plant

I do love orchids! I almost always have a plant in my home and you may remember my post almost a year ago about how to style a grocery store orchid plant and make it look like it came from a flower shop. You may also remember my paper orchid post where I used a… Read more.


VIDEO: Make an Industrial Edison Style Chandelier

Many of you have asked about my DIY industrial chandelier. As I promised, here is the tutorial for my dining room, and now kitchen bar lights. The base of my chandeliers are made from a recycled coffee table & cabinet door. The vintage reproduction electrical parts I found on Etsy at Snake Head Vintage. I… Read more.


Make a Watercolor Butterfly Wreath to Welcome Spring

Up here in Portland, Oregon the sun is peeking through the clouds. We made it through our “once every five years” snowstorm and now I am craving spring. So to get things started I am sharing one of my spring project that is perfect for the front door or for any room in the house…. Read more.


Make a Gorgeous Rose Arrangement from Grocery Store Flowers

When I owned my flower shop, many years ago, I would find myself cringing when my wholesalers would triple the price of roses for Valentine’s day. Thank you to Whole Foods for not playing this game. They are offering 20 lush free-trade roses for only $20. Wow! I picked out this package of peachy bliss… Read more.



This last week I have had such a great time wrapping all kinds of gifts for my Valentine’s Day posts and an upcoming magazine article. More on that later, but this surge of wrapping has sent me to a few of my favorite shops to find some new pretty papers. I knew that I needed… Read more.


Paper Feather Wreath (Version Two)

Hello everyone! I am back from my trip to Salt Lake City where I met the team from Cricut and attended the Alt Summit. It was a very successful week and I will be sharing some of my finds and news from that in the next few months. The highlights of my week were: 1)… Read more.


Make a Modern Piece of Art with Paper Triangles

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I love to make my own art to decorate my home. One of my favorite pieces is this teal and green modern triangle piece that I made last year. When I decided to infuse my living room with plum this last fall, I… Read more.


Bees Wax Cloth Wrap to Replace the Plastic Wrap in My Kitchen + Plus a $250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!

Here we are in mid-January, some of us still recovering from the impact that these holidays can make on our bank accounts. I have joined 9 other bloggers in giving you 10 ideas on how to save money and for one of you to win a $250 gift card from Amazon! I love these heartful… Read more.


My Plum Infused Living Room

A few months ago at the beginning of the Fall season, I decided to try something odd. Okay, maybe even crazy. I decided to switch my beautiful cool tone teal and green living room accents and accessories to warm purples and plums for the winter months. Did I regress back to a purple loving teenage… Read more.

2014 Calendar

2014 Printable Calender. . . Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Where did this year go? It was so packed with projects, memories and a few challenges thrown in. As many of you know, I started this blog in late March. It has been the best nine months of my life when it comes to feeling excited to get up everyday and… Read more.


Make Some Metallic Paper Ball Ornaments for Your Tree

I love all of the delicate little pieces on my tree. . . the snowflakes, the feathers, the garland. . . but the give another texture and shape, I added these pinecone like paper balls to my paper decorated tree. As one reader pointed out, my paper tree ornaments are perfect for a child (or… Read more.


Stencil This Antler and Monogram Door Mat for Your Winter Decor

This week I replaced my worn door mat with this fun DIY stenciled monogram centered inside of a¬†silhouette of deer antlers. This seems perfect for my Pacific Northwest home as the days become wet and windy. I picked up the 24 x 35 inch natural fiber coir mat at Ikea and after searching for a… Read more.


My Home Tour: The Dining Room

Happy Friday! As promised, I am in sharing the next room in my home tour. . . the dining room. This room is in the heart of the home, as it should be. It is flanked by the living room and kitchen, which together make one large great room. This room has many new things… Read more.

Before and After: Dining Room Chairs

Before and After: Dining Room Chairs

Tomorrow I will be touring my dining room in my little craftsman house. To finish up the room just in time for the tour, I just updated the dining room chairs I have been collecting and thought it would be fun to show the before and after with you. The truth is, I have far… Read more.


My Home Tour: The Bedroom

Welcome back to my home tour! Today I am going to share my bedroom. I have been busy finishing up all of the details for this room all week. You may remember my envelope pillow tutorial and the back tab curtains post just a few days ago. When I look at where I’m at in… Read more.

Easy to Make Back Tab Curtains

Easy to Make Back Tab Curtains

Today I am finishing up my curtains for the bedroom. Wow! What a difference well placed curtains can make. I will be sharing a post on how to hang curtains in the future but for this post I want to talk about how to make them. Below you can see my before (the curtains that… Read more.

Envelope Pillow Cover

Easy DIY Envelope Pillow Covers

Another favorite version of pillow covers that I like to DIY for decorating is the envelope style. If you missed yesterday’s post here is a link to the zipper pillow cover tutorial. This simple envelope style cover is made from three pieces of fabric where two are overlapping, to make an easy insertion and removal… Read more.

Zipper Pillow Covers

Easy DIY Zipper Pillow Covers

If I were asked what I thought the two simplest ways to quickly change the look of a room would be, I would say to paint a new color on the walls and to recover your pillows with new fabric. I am doing the second this week in my beautifully teal, aqua and green living… Read more.


DIY Antiqued Frame Jewelry Display

What a busy week this has been. I was working hard to finish at least one room for another home tour and I am close, but did not quite get there. I am off to San Francisco today for a writer’s conference so I needed to grab one of my “oldie but goodie” tutorials to… Read more.

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