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Papier Couture


My Paper Kentucky Derby Hat

I have a theory that we all have something we are really good at. For some it might be delicious cooking, or being really good at business and even being an amazing mother. . . for me it is simply taking a flat piece of paper and making a 3-D object. I am really good… Read more.

Butterfly Paper Dress

Dahlias & Butterflies

This first butterfly dress was created for a lupus fundraising event for Molly’s Fund. The butterfly is symbolic to their logo. The Dahlia dress was created for a runway show here in Portland. Photos by Quavondo, hair and makeup by Madeline Roosevelt. This butterfly dress was commissioned by emota for their piece filmed for Hanvon… Read more.

Vogue Magazine Paper Dress

Vogue Magazine Dresses

Two of my favorite dresses are these which I created entirely from upcycled Vogue magazines. The first was created for an upcycling runway show, photos by Quavondo, and the second was commissioned for display in a Las Vegas shop, photos by Brian at BMAC Studio.  

Paper Dress Venus Collection

Xerox Dress + The Venus Collection

It was back in 2006 that I first discovered my gift for mixing my love of paper crafting with fashion. I was consulting with Xerox in creating fresh and innovative paper samples for their newest and best selling office printers, when the concept of creating a couture gown from Xerox prints for a high fashion… Read more.