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Paper Flowers


Make a Few Watercolor Paper Tulips

Paper flowers can be made from just about any kind of paper. I started my paper flower blogging with only printer paper and text weight metallic paper because I saw that there were a lot of crepe paper flowers already out there and my gift is to make patterns for the text paper that can… Read more.

DIY Crepe Paper Tulips

Make These Pretty Crepe Paper Tulips

As you may have noticed, most of the flower patterns and tutorials I share on my blog are made from printer or metallic paper. To mix things up a bit I have been working on some crepe paper flower projects and decided to share with you my version of a crepe paper tulip. Though I… Read more.

Paper Dahlia

Make a Paper Dahlia for Fall

It is time for another paper flower! Dahlia’s are one of my all-time favorites, partly because my name is included in the letters of this luscious bloom. Dahlias come in a variety of colors and shapes so I picked a rich plum with a irregular petal pattern as my inspiration. I will not lie, this… Read more.


Real Weddings: Glorya and Tim’s 500 Paper Rose Event

I first “met” Glorya and Tim this spring on Instagram. They tagged me in a few of their photos showing their paper rose making process that used my rose video tutorial,  bouquet tutorial and rose template for their June wedding. I immediately started following them. Having this tiny behind the scenes view was a delight… Read more.


Using Paper Mums to Make This Gorgeous Fall Wreath

To welcome in Fall this year, I planned to make a lush flower wreath for my front door. I chose the paper in antique gold, coppers, plums and purples (ruby & punch), all in a metallic finish text weight paper from It was after I made the fall mum wreath that I thought maybe… Read more.


Paper Peonies to Remember Summer

Happy Monday! We are going to start this week of upcoming fall and Halloween goodies with an homage to summer! My all time favorite late summer flower is the peony. They are unpredictable in shape with many varieties, yet are always elegant. Last week I was making peonies from crepe paper for my upcoming book…. Read more.

Paper Rose Wreath

Make a Mini Paper Rose Wreath

I am going to share a fun little paper flower project today. This mini rose wreath is made from just 6 roses that have been attached to a 5 inch foam disc that I purchased at the dollar store. You can easily punch a hole in the center of the disk with a glass cup… Read more.

Spiral Rose Centerpiece

Easy Spiral Paper Rose Centerpiece

Here is a fun paper project that is not only simple to make but looks elegant and lovely when finished. This is a great DIY project for wedding reception decor or to decorate any elegant party. I can even see this spiral rose branch used in styling a little girls room or to decorate your… Read more.

Metallic Paper Rose

DIY Paper Rose Made with a Metallic Paper + Long Stemmed Rose Tutorial

Happy July everyone! Let’s start the month off with another version of a paper flower. . . the all time favorite and my first flower to make for blog readers. . . the paper rose. A few of you have been asking for my paper rose pattern in just outline form. This printable is perfect… Read more.

Paper Poppy

Make Some Paper Poppies

Another one of my favorite paper flowers that I created last year is this orange paper poppy. I made two dozen of them to decorate my daughter’s 18th birthday party last year mixing it with a black and white French theme. As one of my favorites and loving the happy orange color, I have since… Read more.

Paper Mum

Making Paper Mums with Plum, Purple and Orange Metallic Papers

Today I am going to show you how to make the paper mums that I used for the mixed bouquet in yesterday’s post. These mums are so simple and colorful that you can make several dozen to use throughout the summer and fall for your party decoration, gift toppers or for wedding flowers. In the… Read more.


Make A Paper Orchid

I was very excited to see my guest posts for the DIY Network this morning. They invited me to show their audience how to make four of my favorite paper flowers for weddings throughout the year. This paper orchid was one of them. Remember my paper Kentucky Derby hat that was decorated with orchids? I… Read more.

Paper Gardenia

DIY Paper Gardenia

It seems that every time I create a new paper flower template it becomes my new favorite. Well my dears, it has happened again. This paper gardenia is simply gorgeous and just in time for Mother’s Day. Even if you don’t have time to make a full bouquet, just one on top of a wrapped… Read more.

Paper Rose Corsage

Paper Flower Corsage and Boutonnière Tutorial

A few weeks ago a reader asked me for some ideas on how to make her paper wedding flowers into corsages and boutonnières. This tutorial was on my list so I pushed it up to the front and here you have it. These wearable paper flowers are not only great for the crafty wedding, but… Read more.

Paper Flower Garland

Cascading Paper Flower Garland + Tutorial

April shower bring gorgeous cascading paper flower garlands!  You may remember a version of this garland that I created about a year ago. I have made some changes, upgrades and improvements and here it is, version two just for you. I can see this garland as a backdrop for a wedding ceremony, or for at… Read more.

Paper Wedding Bouquet

DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet

What a gorgeous way to add a little personal touch to your wedding. One of the trends for weddings is to create an event that unique and memorable. One way is to add some gorgeous sculptural paper roses into the mix. This version of my paper rose includes three tones of pink, peach and blush…. Read more.

DIY Paper Ranunculus

Sunny Yellow Paper Ranunculus to Welcome in Spring

Today is the first day of spring! It is so predictable that here in Portland it has rained all day. To add a pop of sunshine into all of our lives I made these cheery yellow paper ranunculus flowers today. Below is the button for the printable PDF, ready for you to download and print…. Read more.

My Paper Flower Round Up

My Paper Flower Round Up

Happy Monday everyone. It has been a crazy 5 days for me!  I had two beautiful posts planned for the end of last week and another today, but when things happen and plans get turned around you just have to roll with it. To give a little pause, I would like to share a paper… Read more.

How to make a Paper Rose Video

VIDEO: How to Make a Paper Rose

This is one of my reader favorites on the Ellinée blog so I wanted to share it here as well. You can download some different variations of the paper rose printable PFD on Ellinée here, or buy this red rose template in my shop. ~ Lia