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DIY Dogwood Branches from Italian Crepe Paper

DIY_Paper_Dogwood_Branches Happy Monday! I know it is now July and most of the dogwood trees have dropped their blooms, but. . . wouldn’t it be nice to keep those blooms just a little longer? These blooming branches are made with Carte Fini Italian crepe paper in 180 gram weight. With my pattern that you can download and print below along with the tutorial, these branches are one of the simplest to make in my crepe paper flower series. I love using the paper covered floral wire for the stems as it already looks like a woody branch. You can find this wire at Michaels or any other craft store that carries floral supplies. Stay tuned for this flower tutorial to be in video later this month too! Cheers! ~ Lia

Paper_Dogwood_Branches Paper_Dogwood_Blooms Dogwood_Branches_DIY_Paper CrepePaperDogwoodTutorial DogwoodButton

  1. Lia, I adore your lovely ideas. I’m wondering if regular crepe paper rolls (used for streamers) can be used for some of your smaller paper flower projects? I can’t find sheets of the paper in stores & can’t afford the large sheets & I’m not comfortable ordering online. Thank – you in advance. Your biggest fan… Dee

    • Hi Dee, I haven’t tried using the paper rolls used for streamers but give it a go. They are a little thinner so just be delicate. Let me know if it works.

  2. Actually, I was wondering about using it unwrapped to make the leaves and petals. Do you think that would work? I inherited a boatload of it, lol!

  3. Can you use paper twist for this project?

    • Hi Leslie. Sure, I would suggest twisting the paper twist around a wire (gluing is securely at each end) so that it is a bit more bendable than just the paper twist.

  4. thanks, I love all¡¡ XOXO since Cancun city

  5. Such beautiful flowers! I love all the crepe paper flowers you do, such a shame that you cannot get this quality and weight of crepe paper here in the UK, I just have to admire your work from afar. Look forward to some more tissue paper flowers, as these I can do!

    • I will bet that someone in UK sells the Italian crepe paper. The maker is Cartotecnica Rossi. Do a little search on the internet or reach out to them and see who they sell to in UK.

  6. Beautiful.. in Dutch ‘leuk’ or ‘prachtig’!

  7. Tan precioses com sempre queda tot el que surt de les teves mans!!!

  8. Your flower designs are brilliant! Thank you so much for putting your heart & soul into these designs and most of all for sharing them all with our hungry minds!

  9. you may have already said where you can purchase the crepe paper, but I must have missed it. Can you tell me again, Please!!
    These are very lovely and I would love to make them!

  10. beautiful and lovely, thank you for the tute and the templates.
    and…. sharing.
    they looking sooo realistic, well done!!!!

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