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DIY Fans for Your Wedding or Summer Event

Paper_Fans_Wedding_DIY As some of you may have seen from my Instagram, I spent last week working with the amazing team at Creativebug in San Francisco on a new video tutorial series that will be released this Fall, and it was to my delight that this morning the final video for my last series on paper wedding crafts is ready for you to view. I love this project because it takes on vintage charm with a twist. The main project in this video is the foldable paper fan. With the Cricut Explore machine and my templates, these are so simple to make with very little material and time once the paper is cut and scored on the machine. How fun would it be to go to a wedding and find one of these sitting on your seat or in a basket beside the guest book? I am actually making a fan for each guest for my friend Lauren’s wedding in August. Swoon! As alternative versions to add into your wedding or party decor, I also give you the small rosette that can be used as a garland and a large fan for centerpieces or backdrops. You can see the full tutorial right here on the Creativebug site. This month Creativebug if offering 14 days of free membership. You can sign up right here. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Here are the links in Cricut Design Space for the fan cut files: // MINI FAN  //  FOLDABLE FAN  //  LARGE FAN  //

Foldable_Paper_Wedding_Fans DIY_Paper_Wedding_Fans Large_Paper_Wedding_Fans Rosette_Garland_DIY

  1. Hi Lia,

    I really like the papers that are pictured here. You said you get all of your paper at, but they don’t have patterned paper. Can you tell me where you got the paper used for these fans? Thanks.


    • I designed and printed this pattern myself, I am looking for it to publish but am afraid I lost it when my computer crashed last year:(

  2. Hi Lia
    Cricut have said its something to do with your licence,
    it dosen’t make any sense as I have already cut his fans when they were free and am willing to pay for them, I have purchased several of your files no trouble at all, its annoying as I have two weddings to do for the fans


  3. Hi Lia

    Can you tell me why I am not able to purchase these fans in the UK I have been in touch with cricut and they said they don’t know why they are not available here, I have already cut these fans when they were free, but I am not allowed to purchase them now. can you help

    Thanks a lot


    • Sorry what a hassle! It makes no sense unfortunately once we hand over the files to Cricut we have no control over it. So if their customer service team say they don’t know why they aren’t available isn’t there anything they can do about it? Frustrating!

  4. All three links are working!!!!!
    Thank you!!
    (Sorry to keep sending a new post, but for some reason my computer won’t “reply” to your response.)

  5. Bad news…Cricut must have made a mistake. They removed your fans. When clicking the links, they now say “not available.”
    I finally figured out how to search for it in the Cricut Design Space, and your fans are no longer showing in the search.

  6. I have a Cricut Explore, but the files will not open from your links. Down in the right corner it says 0.00 and make now, but neither option can be selected. It is not my pc because other projects can be selected.

    I don’t know how to do a search in the design space to see if they could be opened via a different link.

    Any ideas?

    • Oh no! That is not good. Unfortunately it is something that Cricut needs to fix since they are hosting the files in Design Space. I will let them know but can you also contact their customer service team, hopefully they will get to it faster if they here it from multiple people:-)

    • Cricut just told me they fixed it. Fingers crossed! Thanks for letting me know!

  7. The links won’t open to be able to be cut–I’m so sad :(

  8. Did they take these off the Cricut design space? I was getting ready to make them for my wedding but I can’t seem to open the project in design space.

  9. Hi Lia

    Can you tell me what size these fans are as they come in very small. I love these, I have two wedding next year they will be wonderful for them Thank alot


  10. Could you still make these with a silhouette machine?

  11. Hi, I love the fans so much but I don’t have a circut machine. What will be the measurements if I was going to do everything by hand?

  12. Where do you get the paper from? The only paper I have been able to find has bright white on the backside. Please advise….I’d love to make these!

    • Hi Hannah, I print them on one side and leave the other side blank, sometimes I print a pattern on a colored paper. You could print on both sides. I get all my paper from For the full tutorial Creativebug is offering a 14-day trial membership.

  13. hello!! I’d like to know if it is posible to buy them aldready done. Thanks for your reply.

    • No, sorry:) If you are going to be a making a lot of them I would suggest buying a Cricut (they are on-sale right now, see ad on the right side banner on my site) since there is a lot of cutting involved. We are currently making some for a wedding and the groom has actually made most of them himself (using a Cricut) we have been joking that if he can make them anyone can:)

  14. Are these no longer available on design space? I cant find them….

    • They are. Hard to find though. I was just asking Creativebug what happened to the link. If you into upload project and type in search liagriffith (one word) they come up.

  15. I think I am in love ! Wow, these are perfect and beautiful ! Thank you ! 😀

  16. Can these be made with the Cricut E2?

    • What makes these so easy is the scoring tool on the new Explore. You might be able to cut them on the E2 but would have to score by hand. The files in available in Design Space.

  17. hola, cual es el cartucho que se usa para hacer estos abanicos, o como lo pido o compro, de la cricut

    • You find the template like this: (In Cricut Design Space, select create a new project and search for “Lia Griffith” when inserting your image to find the artwork). The files should be free, but if they are not, give it a day or two and it will be.

  18. These paper fans are so “couture” of all paper crafts! Love love love!

  19. I enjoy making paper art. Those fans are adorable.

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