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DIY Jumbo Monograms For Your Party Decor

3D_Monogram_Letters_Tutorial This is such a fun project! In this video with Creativebug, I teach you how to make the letters from a flat board into these 3D forms, then give you three ideas of how to finish the surfaces. I am just loving the gold leaf look right now and these letters were made especially for my friends Lauren and Nelson’s wedding later this summer. I will share the real wedding photos then. Of course these letters are great for home decor and I plan to make a full word for my new office space (when I move to a larger one). They are great for so many uses. You can see this and my other three DIY Wedding Decor videos all on Creativebug and next week we have a surprise bonus project that I teach on video and that I think you will love! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Monogram_DIY_Wedding_Decor Monogram_Letters_DIY Gold_Leaf_Monograms

  1. Where did you get the flower petals for the C? Looking to do something similar for a friend. They are beautiful!

  2. I made some like this for my wedding with poster board, duct tape, a layer of modge-podge+ news paper and a lot of gold spray paint. I love them so much I can’t toss them.

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