TissuePaperBloomingBranchesDIY Blooming BranchesBlooming Branches From PaperOne of my favorite spring visual treats is seeing the trees pop into bloom. Outside of my living room window is a tree full of pink flowers and next door another dressed in white. Wanting to bring some of that visual joy into my new home I decided to make these tissue flower blooms and create my own version of the blooming branches. I found these three mossy branches on my morning walk, just the right size for my chosen container. You can create a design as large or as small as you need. Just choose a container that balances with the height of the branches. I used a white and yellow tissue paper for this tutorial. Pink, lavender or even bright colors would look lovely as well. Any way you choose, this easy to make spring decor is perfect to dress up your home, your office desk, to use as a centerpiece for a dinner party or handcrafted wedding reception decor. Happy spring! ~ Lia

Tissue Paper Blooming Branches DIY Blooming Branch Tutorial