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DIY Paper Flower Blooming Branches

TissuePaperBloomingBranches DIY Blooming Branches Blooming Branches From Paper One of my favorite spring visual treats is seeing the trees pop into bloom. Outside of my living room window is a tree full of pink flowers and next door another dressed in white. Wanting to bring some of that visual joy into my new home I decided to make these tissue flower blooms and create my own version of the blooming branches. I found these three mossy branches on my morning walk, just the right size for my chosen container. You can create a design as large or as small as you need. Just choose a container that balances with the height of the branches. I used a white and yellow tissue paper for this tutorial. Pink, lavender or even bright colors would look lovely as well. Any way you choose, this easy to make spring decor is perfect to dress up your home, your office desk, to use as a centerpiece for a dinner party or handcrafted wedding reception decor. Happy spring! ~ Lia

Tissue Paper Blooming Branches DIY Blooming Branch Tutorial

  1. Making this for Easter!

  2. Making this one for Easter.

  3. I just made this for my mom for Mother’s Day! It was so easy to make! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. This is so great! I love it! And not being very crafty, I think I can handle it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This is just the craft idea I needed for my grandstinky and I to make for his moms birthday! It’s elegant, inexpensive, easy (he’s only 3 1/2), and home made, which is what my daughter asked for. We’re going to custom paint the vase too :-) thanks for sharing!

  6. I am new on handcrafts. I love reading your tutorials here. Finally I decided in want to try work on this one. Is there any tip when gluing the flowers? How to hide the twist?

    Thank you!

    • I like to use hot glue as it is clear. As far as the twists, just open the petals up to cover. Good luck with your first crafting project. This is a good one. I still have it displayed in my bedroom.

  7. Thank you so much for the blooming branches tutorial. I will make many, as I love these branches as well.

  8. You really inspire me!! Many thanks for your generosity. I love your work

  9. I love these! Blossoms are my favourite flowers. Over here they always bloom in late winter so it’s my annual “SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!” reminder. I’m going to make some to keep me cheerful all year ’round :)

  10. Wow! Now I know what I’m making for my Mum this mother’s day 😀 She’s always looking for realistic flowers that will last throughout the year ;D

  11. So beautiful!

  12. This is lovely, and so clever I had to look twice because I thought they were real!!

  13. Lia, these are stunning! In every photo, I would have sworn they were real! You are indeed the flower queen. :)

    I think these would be perfect as part of a Mother’s Day table setting or buffet.

    I’ve been slaving away on coffee filter flowers this week as part of my daughter’s “Watch Us Grow” organic-glam school auction next week down in the Pearl…so, like you, I’m up to my eyeballs in tissue paper, moss, river rock and wheat grass. :)

  14. These are so gorgeous and easy! I really thought they were real until I read the post. Thanks for this lovely idea!

    • They really are! They can be like a spring version of a Christmas tree. You just pull them out every year as they will last forever.

  15. Just beautiful! So dainty….I will be out looking for branches tomorrow.
    Thanks, Kate

  16. Aha!! A flower project I can manage without a kit!

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