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Dresser Redo with Yellow Chalk Paint®

Yellow Chalk Paint Dresser One of the pieces I have had ready to chalk paint is this old dresser that I found at a neighborhood church garage sale. I knew I wanted to venture away from my favorite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan colors (Graphite and Old White) and try something a bit more daring. So I gravitated to the yellows. For this color I actually mixed two yellows, Arles and English Yellow. Aries is soft and buttery and English is tangy and zippy. . . I wanted something in between like Lemon Chiffon. The delicate carving on this dresser along with the crystal nobs make this a perfect piece to add to a colorful bedroom. And, I have enough yellow paint left to cover a few chairs. If you have not seen my Chalk Paint video tutorial yet, take a look at it in this post. Have a great weekend! ~ Lia

ChalkPaintYellowDresser YellowDresserChalkPaint DresserBefore

  1. Did you use just the clear wax or dark wax too?

  2. Gorgeous color! Is it a 50/50 mix of Arles and English Yellow? I have a piece I’ve been wanting to do, bought the English Yellow and “tested” it out on a little tea cart I had. Looks great on the cart, but a little too bright for the other piece I’ve been planning. Knowing that I’m going to need to mix it with something to tone it down a bit. Thanks :)

    • Yes! It was 50/50. One can of each. I have two dining room chairs I am painting in that color as well so I went for the whole two cans. I also tried English Yellow first and found it way too green and tangy for what I was looking for. The Arles was too powdery for my look. . . but together I got this delicious Lemon Chiffon. haha.

  3. I am so happy to see someone using the bright paints. I want to try them on a few items.

  4. it’s great, well done, love the soft colour and the fun of drwaing on something will be lovely;-D
    Thank you for the sharing.

  5. I love it and your paper flowers looks so real!!

  6. What a fun makeover!

  7. Ooooh, that yellow is heavenly. So soft and pretty to go in any room. I’ve seen so much yellow now, even in stores. Love the legs on your bargain. Lucky you finding such a great piece. Love the little accents on her.
    I’d love to try something like that kind of dresser. I have a small 3 drawer dresser I’ve been wanting to redo in maybe a pretty coral color. Our room tends to be a bit dark so the coral would be bright and cheery. I’ve already painted a small end table coral and light aqua, both colors I mixed up myself from acrylic and made chalk paint, wanted to try it and love how the table works for a night stand.
    Have another HL table with the wicker drawer fronts that is dark so want to paint it the aqua and some coral. You have really inspired me to get going on both pieces. Happy weekend

  8. I love the soft yellow with the blue and grays! You always seem to find fantastic bargains! I think I’m too lazy to look lol

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