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Easy Chalkboard Coasters to Personalize Your Next Celebration

DIY Chalkboard Paint Coasters You all know how I love the chalkboard look, right? Inspired by this and the visual trend of crisp black and white mixed with old world charm I noticed when in Amsterdam this fall, I had an idea for a party look I wanted to create. This project started when I opened my 12-Months of Martha box and found these two bottles of chalkboard paint; black and mint. I think mint is quickly becoming my new favorite color. It is that subtle space between teal and lime and a bit tricky to find. The Martha Stewart chalkboard paint is the perfect mint! So with these I painted my less-than-pretty-but-very-practical cork coasters with black on side one to personalize with names for a party and the mint on the other size for a fresh accent. I paired these up with a chalkboard painted crate and mini chalkboard frame to create a personalized party. Oh so pretty. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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  1. smart and clever brilliant idea of yours.
    thank you for the sharing;-D

  2. Hi Leah, all very nice! a hug

  3. Love the idea and that striped ribbon! What’s your ribbon source?

    • Thanks Debra! I get my ribbon at the local fabric store however. . . I just bought this and some other rolls wholesale since I use them so much and was thinking to offer them on Etsy as well.

  4. This may be a silly question. I have not tried any of the chalkboard paint. Aftet you painted your coaster, and wrote the name in Chalk… is it actually chalk? or is there a special marker/pencil you use?

    • Not a silly question at all! I usually use real chalk, but this time I tried out a chalkboard marker. It makes really clean letters, but I will have to let you know if it rubs off like chalk. Have not tried yet.

  5. What a fantastic idea!! Thanks for posting this!

  6. Love them!!

  7. See, it looks adorable! I totally love it. You are one speedy lady, getting that done and posted this afternoon! You’ll have to teach me your efficiency tricks…my posts take way too long. :)

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