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Food Lover Friday: Raspberry Rose Meringues

Raspberry Rose Meringues Welcome to my new series, Food Lover Friday! To launch this series I teamed up with my new friend Melissa from Homemade for Friends. As a chef from New York, she has started a wonderful new blog full of food gifts that celebrate the yumminess of homemade. Earlier this week Melissa sent me her recipe for these adorable Raspberry Rose Meringue cookies. Being a history nut, I read that meringue originated in a Swiss village of Meiringen though this egg white and sugar mixture is well known in French desserts. These crisp little cloud-like cookies are freshly updated with Melissa’s raspberry rose twist. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Easter or Mother’s Day! Her recipe (which you can find right here) was so easy to follow and in a short time I had a plate full of these yummy and pretty cookies that were a perfect addition to my morning tea. This is where my obsession comes in. . . packaging the pretty pink meringues for gifts! I used the gift tags from yesterday’s post and created three versions of packaging especially for Valentine’s Day! ~ Lia

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas you give. I wish I could spend the rest of my life crafting and spreading this much happines around me . <3

    What did you study in college ? It's surely art-related :)))

  2. Yes I need more ideas for nice meals!!
    I love everything that you did for Valentine’s Day!!
    I also noticed that you use a kind of ribbon that is different it looks silky soft but with some texture as if it was wrinkled it’s so special.
    Your posts are so soothing to me. I am bad because I just haven’t make a craft lately but I am bit busy now but trust me your blog is like a collection of ideas for me.

    • Thanks Veronica! The ribbon is a May Arts silk ribbon that I am totally in love with. I am going to be selling it in my Etsy shop soon. Don’t beat yourself up on not crafting, sometimes just getting inspired is just as wonderful. When you are ready, you will have lots of ideas to work on! 😉

  3. The rose meringues are lovely! I will be making these for my daughters’ future wedding shower. Thank you for sharing. Love your ideas!

  4. Looks delicious and pretty too.

  5. Ah!! i feliç dia pera tu també !!

  6. Un regal bo i amb una presentació fina i elegant !!! com sempre si surt de les teves mans.
    Una abraçada

  7. Lia, your wrapping makes the meringues to its best. thanks

  8. These look amazing! I need to try these tonight. Thank you for the link and the tags.

  9. These meringues are so cute! I have never thought about making them in shapes other than the traditional “kiss”. I think that my favorite packaging idea is the jar. They look so amazing and delectable stacked up to the top and finished with the beautiful bow and label.

  10. What a splendidly beautiful gift…looking forward to more Friday ideas!

  11. These are so cute, thanks for everything…

  12. I’m no foodie, but these so pretty merigues inspired me to dream up mini boccone dolce with home made fudge sauce. The one thing I think would be the crowning touch would be a sprinkle of candied rose petal… I’ve seen candied violets but I’m not sure about roses. Tres romantique!

  13. Lia, it was such an honor to work with you on this post – your decorations are so perfect for these meringues! I can’t wait to get started on packaging them up as gifts for some lucky people now :)
    ~ Melissa

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