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Gold Tissue Pom Pom Tree Ornaments

Tissue Christmas Ornaments To finish off my paper tree ornaments I wanted to add some of these simple pom poms made from gold metallic tissue. They add an extra layer of fullness to the detailed ornaments and are so simple to make. Each pom pom started from one sheet of 20×20 gold tissue paper so these are not only elegant and simple but also cost effective. You can’t beat that! Check out my tutorial below for the step-by-step method of how I make these pom poms. They are a little different than the¬†accordion folded method which is also an option. The tree topper bird is next to finish off my paper tree ornament series. Stay tuned for that. Cheers! ~ Lia

Pom Pom Ornaments Pom Pom Ornament Tutorial

  1. Hi Lia

    Please please can you send us your bird tree topper tutorial? Its too cute :)

    • I will be posting the bird this spring. Because of my mother passing, I ran out of time since I have to recreate the pattern. This was my third prototype and I am working to make it just a bit easier for others to recreate.

  2. You could also use a gold or silver sparkle pen on edges
    Very nice,
    Thank you

  3. So elegant! You have such style. I can’t wait to try this – although I hope it turns out looking a little like yours and not a crumpled mess ha ha ha. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial for all these wonderful crafts.

  4. These are so elegant yet simple…I love all that you do! Glad I found you!

  5. I’m loving this new method, Lia! The usual accordion method can get tricky with mini poms, since the tissue paper gets so packed…but this way seems so fluffy and easy. :)

    P.S.–I’m *lame* for not getting back to you yet, but THANK YOU for the awesome email pep talk. That was exactly what I needed to hear. You’re the greatest. :)

    • I wanted to say exactly that but it has been so long since I made the big accordion versions I did not want to misspeak. You are not lame. :-) I think we are both on the same busy time schedule. I get it. :-)

  6. Lia.. I have just recently found your BLOG and am so happy I did!

    Thank you for sharing, I’ll be looking forward to reading your beautiful site


  7. These are BEAUTIFUL! By the way, did I miss those gift tags for the dogs gifts that you were going to try to make? I forgot to ask you about them!

  8. These are stunning! Would make great package toppers too.

  9. What wonderful master classes at you! Thanks!

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