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Halloween Party Kit Roundup!

Halloween Party For Kids Today is round-up day for this fun kid’s Halloween party kit that I designed around a chalkboard style. It is fun to see everything put together and the options on how you can use each piece are there for you to get creative too. I had such a great time designing with these little creatures and critters. Next week I am back to home decor with some very exciting news to share with you. Until then, enjoy planning your Halloween event! ~ Lia

Halloween Printables Halloween Party Kit Roundup Click following text links to go to the post where you can download each piece from this Halloween party kit: STICKER SHEETINVITATIONENVELOPE LINERFUN SIZE CANDY WRAPPERSOTHER CANDY WRAPPERSHALLOWEEN BANNERSMALL & LARGE BATSCUPCAKE TOPPERSCUPCAKE WRAPSFOOD & TREAT SIGNSSTRAW FLAGS

  1. Lia,

    I love this kit! We are having a Halloween themed birthday party for my daughter and I was wondering if there was any way to alter the PDF invitation so I can add “Birthday” to it?

  2. One of the best party kits I have seen so far. :) Very cute stuff! I love the candy wrappers and cupcake toppers the most. They are so adorable. You have been very generous in offering us these free printables.

    Well, I just came to know that these pritntables will be available only for a while. Is it only with these party kits or in general with other stuff also? If so, I am thinking of downloading and archiving it right away for future use 😉

    • Thanks Saksha! The good news is I am only putting my party kits in the Etsy shop. This one, I decided at the last minute to share as a freebie, because I loved it so much. It will join the Fourth of July, Pirate Party and Farm Party in Etsy in November.

  3. this is fantastical spooktacular hootin’ fun fabulousness! you are awesome.
    the end.

  4. Lia,
    You put your heart in everything that you do. I love your critters.
    My baby is turning 2 on October 6th, this time we are doing just a few things Minnie Mouse theme just because she recognizes her a lot. But another year I will like to do a Halloween Birthday theme party and for sure I’ll come back to this post.
    Thank you and I can’t wait for more house tours (I feel like if I am a stalker because I want to see more of your home, sorry don’t be scare :)

    • Haha! I love it! I know I have not posted a home tour for a while but three more are coming in the next three weeks. Promise! (Truth is, I am finishing them this week).

      Make sure you download the Halloween kit sooner than later. I will be putting it in my Etsy shop after this Halloween. A special freebie for the readers. :-)

  5. Can’t thank you enuf Lia for sharing your incredible talent in all the free printables you offer us all. I know I truly appreciate it all so much. Now if I could get my pokey pc to get to them so I could download and print. I keep thinking I’ll download during the day when your site might not be as busy then get occupied with other things and forget. Ah well hopefully all these wonderful printables aren’t going anywhere and I’ll get to download them all very soon.
    I don’t know how but the days seem to fly by before I know it. I thought seniors had all kinds of time? Not enuf for me. Happy weekend and again THX so much.

    • I hear you JaneEllen! I thought when I went into this blogging full time I would have more time. . . but it seems to be the opposite. Haha. I will have these up for a while!

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