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Hand Painted Furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Chalk Painted Bed Side Table PaintedDesk PaintedSideTable PaintedTable A few weeks ago. . . before I even knew I would have this brand new blog. . . I wrote about my love for painting furniture at Elliné I am going to share this post again, here on my new blog, as this is a subject dear to my heart.

Painting furniture a quick and easy way to make a “needs a little love” piece look fabulous. My friends who spend time at my loft (photos above) know that I have a thing for painted furniture. This “thing” happened a few years ago when I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I was shopping for two small tables at an antique store when I asked the shop owner her opinion on painting old pieces. She immediately directed me to a Purple Pear, a local and online shop that sells British based Annie Sloan paint and wax. For those of you who have not seen chalk painted pieces, I will have to tell you that there is something very European looking about it, similar to milk paint. The chalk paint is often distressed to give it a vintage feel then finished by rubbing a soft wax over the painted surface. Not only does the wax finish look luxurious and velvety, but it is so simple to do, wears very well and you can paint over it any time you like. An extra perk is that this paint is low VOC and is manufactured in both Europe and US. My home now showcases 9 Annie Sloan chalk paint pieces, each picked up at a flea market, second hand or antique store and every one needing some love. The above images are samples of those pieces, the photo of the nesting tables being that first antique shop find.

As you can see go-to colors are the Old White and Graphite which has a blue undertone. I even used the white chalk paint to cover the resin horse after I repaired his missing ears. I do have a can of Antibes Green and Provence teal that are waiting for the right project which I will share with you. For this tutorial below, I am going to repaint this little rattan and wood chair. I am using the Old White Chalk Paint, Clear Soft Wax, sand paper, a paint brush and an old rag. Get inspired then go give some love to your furniture! ~ Lia

Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTutorial Chalk Painted Table

  1. I have used chalk paint to refinish multiple pieces of furniture in my house. It works every time and the old furniture always ends up looking like I just bought it. Thanks for posting!

  2. Beautiful!!! Where did you get the fabric on the stool of the second picture? I love it!

  3. i would like to know can i use chalk paint to paint my fabric recliner?

  4. All the painted furniture products are looking gorgeous. After having a look on them, I have fallen in love with chalk painted furniture. Thanks for sharing this valuable post on the internet.

  5. Hello Lia, could you tell me which colour you used on the chest of drawers? This is the colour I want!!

  6. How many coats of wax do you need to do?

  7. Lovely blog with some gorgeous transformations. We’re a stockist of ASCP and just love to see how others use this amazing paint :)

  8. Want to paint to paint chrome yellow Parsons tables that have a thin laminate like surface. Will chalk paint adhere.?

  9. I love this look I was debating buying two dressers fro my daughters room and this will work. For wood with varnish do i have to lightly sand before step one of painting? Or do I have to strip it? Thoughts thanks

    • I have never stripped or sanded any piece, but a light sanding will never hurt if it makes you feel more secure about the paint sticking. You can also test a small spot. As long as the paint does not bead, you are good. Chalk paint will scratch off before the wax finish, this is why it is so easy to distress.

  10. Hi
    Love the yellow you’ve achieved on your chest of drawers, my effort doesn’t look as well finished. I did wax it, but didn’t use Annie Sloan which I think was a mistake, but hey, I’ve learned something.
    Here’s the link:
    Would appreciate your comments, be critical!

    • I think it looks good in the photo. I may have added a little wear to the finish, sanding the edges, just to add some age to the pieces. But I understand if you don’t want that look. If it is a similar wax to the Annie Sloan, it will cure nicely and add a dull sheen finish which will make it look richer too.

      • Thank you, Lia. It’s amazing how seeing something in a photo can change your opinion of it, I’ve looked again at your furniture and I think I might paint the chair in Old White and sand it back a little to let the grey show thro’. The needlepoint on the stool was a mistake and I’ll try and find something better and I’m not sure now about the fabric on the chair!

        I have 2 other pieces I’m going paint and I can see this is going to be addictive, hopefully I’ll develop a better eye as I go along.

        Thank you again for the inspiration and the encouragemet

  11. Hi, I have used Milk Paint on a few pieces. Just wondering if the Chalk paint “chips” like milk paint? I think I would like to try chalk paint in the future. Thanks

    • I have never had any of my pieces chip and even moved them a few months ago with some rough movers. They did scratch a few pieces, which I easily fixed with paint and wax but thankfully no chips! :-)

  12. Hello
    Had bought the Annie Sloan paint and found an old carved chair at a flea market, and was looking for the inspiration and courage to get started – I’ve found it on your pages, thank you – wish me luck!!!
    P.S. Your home is lovely

    • Oooh. So fun!! Share photos when you are done. I have a bunch of pieces I need to paint this weekend. I am experimenting with mixing two yellows. Venturing away from of Graphite and Old White.

      • Hi Lia

        Have finished the chair, at last, and uploaded it to Pinterest – haven’t the foggiest idea how to get it to you – typical newbie! Hope you like it – if you find it!!!

        It’s not perfect, I found the paint dried very quickly and I haven’t got the smoothest of finishes – the story of my life essentially :)

        If I need to do something else to let you see it, please let me know.

        Annie G

        • Sometimes I like the painted texture of the finish to be not so smooth, it adds to the richness. Look at the close ups of my bedroom furniture that I posted yesterday. Did you wax it after you finished? You can just copy and paste a link for the Pinterest page here. I would love to see it.

  13. I am having a hard time deciding on which color to go with. The room my pieces will be going in has a red brick floor with antique white walls and brown curtains and rug. I am wanting to go with a form of white but can’t decide based on the color chart online. Any suggestions? :)

  14. Lia, Hi my name is Karen and new to all the chalk paint business. I am going to do a 2 teir end table that had to be sanded down since the varnish on it was literally flaking off. So now it is sanded down and my only problem now is how do I get off the dust from sanding? Sounds kinda dumb to ask but everytime I get ready to do the painting I run my habd across the table and have more dust flying around? What is the best and fastest way to get rid of the dust once and for all? It is quite annoying almost want to take the hose to it and give it a bath. LOL Help me out someone. Karen

    • Yay! I think you will love it. I would vacuum it first with the hose, then quickly dust it with a damp cloth. See if that does the trick.

  15. Does this paint show brush strokes when you paint with it? I haven’t ever painted furniture but I am moving to a new home and have a few pieces that I’m dying paint. I’m not much into the distressed look so do you think I would still like this paint as long as I don’t distress it with sandpaper after my pieces are painted? I’ve had several people tell me that I need to use a sprayer to get the paint on smoothly. I would rather use a brush if I could but I’m not sure how it will look! Also, the color I’m wanting is a navy. After looking at your pics above, the graphite almost has a navy look to it. Do you have any advice on a navy color using this chalk paint? Any help you can give would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Gena, It does show a bit of brush stroke and that is also part of the beauty. I have a few new home tour posts were I show some of that graphite grey again. These I did not distress. With the wax the finished texture is elegant and looks expensive rather than hokey painted furniture. Occasionally I will spray paint something but very rarely because it tends to look too DIY in a bad way. To get a high gloss smooth lacquer finish it is best to send it to a shop that has the equipment. Maybe you are not looking for that smooth, but if you spray from a can it tends to give an uneven finish in my experience. But, give it a try. You can always use chalk paint over the top if you don’t like it. As far as the color goes, graphite does have a bit of a blue hue though I would not call it navy. It may work best to mix graphite with one of the blues to get the color you are looking for.

  16. Genial! but being the explanation on the photo does not come out translation. I could write off the photo to Spanish speaking we see translation. Thank you!!

  17. I have a piece very similar to the desk/vanity you refinished . How many cans of chalk paint should I anticipate using for this project?

  18. Beautiful! What is the point of the wax that you put on top? Is that something that needs to be put on in order for the paint to stay?

    • You can leave the furniture unwaxed if you want a chalky finish. This is great for outdoor furniture. The wax gives a wonderful matte finish and when it is fully cured is a hearty finish. Try it both ways and see what you think.

  19. I have been dying to use chalk paint, however I am a bit cautious. How does the furniture feel after it has been painted? I don’t want to paint my furniture only to realize that it feels odd and well… like paint!

    • I have painted 13 pieces now and have another in process and 6 dining room chairs up next. The paint is like is says, chalky, but once the wax is on and has cured (this takes about 3 months, but the furniture is completely usable before that), it has be best texture. It is not glossy, but a nice matte finish and very touchable. When you first apply the wax, there is a bit of tack to it, but this will harden quickly. I love this technique. It makes furniture look like expensive European antique pieces. I have a few things that I painted using a non chalk paint and I will be repainting them with chalk paint as soon as I can. That is how much I love it. Also, I am shooting a video on painting my next piece that will be on the site in July so stay tuned. :-)

  20. i like your pictures with dark furniture..thanks for sharing.

  21. I am in love with your vanity with the stool. Please tell me the ASCP colors /technique you used! Beautiful. My favorite Annie Sloan piece so far.

    I’ve just discovered Annie Sloan and it has been fun!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • That is my favorite piece so far too! What a great find and it was a bit sad looking before Annie. :-). I used Graphite, which does have a blue cast to it. I painted two coats then finished with a clear wax and did not sand/distress it before waxing. This was a simple afternoon project. More Annie Sloan projects coming here so stay tuned. :-)

  22. Can I buy this paint wholesale?

    • I am not sure, but I know you can become a distributor. Check as they are the large distributors for the US.

  23. Hi I love your pictures with dark furniture. How many coats of paint did you put? I am planning to paint my parents bedroom furniture and I hope to get the same result :)

    • I painted two coats tops. On some pieces I sanded and distressed the edges and on others I didn’t. Love both looks. This paint is so easy and great to work with. I think you will love the results.

  24. Hi Lia, the pieces of furniture you have done using Annie Sloane’s chalk paint are beautiful. Did you mix any other colour with Graphite? thanks,

    • Thanks Kristine. I love that graphite color as it has a hint of blue in it. I didn’t add anything else, just used it straight out of the can.

  25. These are really beautiful! I was wondering if you had to sand the furniture before painting them? I’ve been looking at painting some old furniture, but all the research I’ve done recommends sanding beforehand to avoid chipping – a step I’d much rather skip!

    • The beauty of Annie Sloan paint. . . no pre-sanding unless you just need to smooth a rough area. The only sandpaper I have used on any of my pieces is if I want to rough up the edges of the paint before waxing. You are going to love this paint. 😉

  26. Awesome, thank you! Pinned this for later when I use my chalk paint and wax. =)
    Your photos are gorgeous, too! Do you do all of them?

  27. Gorgeous! So you distress it with sandpaper where it would normally receive wear? I love it that you don’t have to remove the soft wax before painting again! Beautiful pieces of furniture . . . just like your whole loft.

    • Yes, and it can be more or less distress depending on what you like. Seriously, this is the easiest way to make furniture look fabulous! You should see all the furniture my sister painted this last month. lol

  28. This is simply amazing, I would love to have this! I have been looking for boston furniture stores actually. They seem to have a style of furniture I’m into. I think it would be great, I wouldn’t mind having this either. Pure talent, keep it up!

  29. I haven;t tried chalk paint yet. I know it has really grown in popularity. These pieces are lovely. Hugs P.S. I hope you’ll link up your lovely blog to my hop and share your talents

    • You will, like me… Become addicted. 😉

      I am still in swirl mode and my schedule will be calmer soon so I can catch up on emails.

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