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How I Styled My Fireplace for the Summer

Summer Fireplace Styling When I moved into this adorable house a few months ago, I was excited to once again have a fireplace as the center focus of my living room.  As spring is turning into summer the question arises. . . what to do with the inside of the fireplace as it lays dormant for the season. So here is what I did:

Fireplace Styline Tutorial

Once the inside of the fireplace found a use displaying the birch log the 9 large candles from Ikea, I added two vases of sea grass, one on the hearth and the other on the mantel. I collected all the white vessels from around my house and chose the sizes that brought in balance. I added a large glass vase of seashells to the hearth and a ceramic basket filled with matches. I then finished my summer look by overlaying a boxwood wreath (Smith & Hawken from Target) over the top of the two modern color field paintings that resemble a lush summer lake scene I painted a few years ago.  When fall comes again and I am ready to burn wood in my fireplace, I can simply remove the candles and stones and save them for the next spring. Now, I am going to go get my cup of tea and a book and enjoy my summer fireplace. ~ Lia

  1. This is beautiful! Where did you purchase the sea grass? Thanks.

  2. That fireplace looks great. But did you build a fire in it yet in the winter? Does chalk paint hold up with a fire? Maybe I should ask “what is chalk paint?”

    • Yes, I did! I removed the rocks for winter again. The Annie Sloan chalk paint is great since it does not have chemicals in it. Here is a link to learn more. It is what I use to paint my furniture (with the wax on the furniture not the fireplace).

  3. Wow…Lia your ideas are just amazing. Its beautiful. I am a regular visitor of your site and I wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the wonderful creative ideas you share . Thanks once again….!!

  4. Hola Lia,
    Molt bonic i acollidor , com tot el que fas !!
    Una abraçada

  5. Wow! Beautiful! I would love to be curled up with a good book in front of it! The blues and green give such a calming effect. Can’t wait to see the rest of your house! I really would love you to come and do my apartment lol

  6. Lia, That is beautiful! I am in love with the wreath and artwork. I also like the balance of all the vases. Well done! Will you pretty please do a post with photos of your new house? I’d love to see it…. kind of like the post of your old house/apartment?

    • Hi Molly! Thanks so much. I am planning to do a house tour as well. . . soon. Well, as soon as I think the house is “done”. I am very close.

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