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Last-Minute DIY Gifts To Make This Weekend

GiftsForHer Hello everyone. I am in Washington with the whole family this weekend to remember my mother and celebrate her life. It is so nice to be together right now. Thank you all for the notes of love and encouragement. I am responding to each and everyone of them (I still have a few to get through). It is part of my healing and refilling of my heart to read each of your notes and feel your love. I am blessed.

I had this idea to create a gift ideas magazine for Christmas and perhaps it will come into a reality next year. For this year, I will give you a brief summary of my top four gifts for her, him, kids and teens. Of course you can find more ideas through out my blog and specifically in the gift ideas section. I made some of these for my friends and family as well. Here are links for each of the items above.

FOR HER: Vintage Monogrammed Stationery | Faux Dipped Wooden Spoons | Monogrammed Burlap Jumbo Tote | Lavender Bath Salts

GiftsForHim FOR HIM: Monogrammed Antler Door Mat | Monogram Washi Tape Art | Framed Quote | Personalized Vintage Mat Stationery

GiftsForKids FOR KIDS: Monogrammed Zipper Bags | Felt Woodland Puppets | Personalized Woodland Bookmarks | Felt Stick Horses

GiftsForTeens FOR TEENS: Leather Bracelets | Washi Tape Covered Note Books | Colorful Zipper Bags | Bead Drop Earrings

  1. Just to wish you a Merry Christmas

  2. wooow that you thought to make in such a sad time this for us all. Thank you for the sharing, and i’m whishing you still a good time together to honour your mother and to have time to mourn. I’m still thinking of you. Much strenght and warmth.

  3. I love these gift ideas Lia! Looking forward to the magazine next year (fingers crossed) :)

  4. Great ideas, Lia! I pinned them all to my DIY gifts Pinterest board for future reference. And now that I have a sewing machine (which I still need to learn to use), I can add more of your ideas to my list. :)

    Love you and wish you a weekend filled with tenderhearted memories and lots of love. I think the way your family is handling your loss is a beautiful thing.

    Lisa :)

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