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Make a Mini Paper Rose Wreath

Paper Rose Mini Wreath I am going to share a fun little paper flower project today. This mini rose wreath is made from just 6 roses that have been attached to a 5 inch foam disc that I purchased at the dollar store. You can easily punch a hole in the center of the disk with a glass cup or jar to make the back for the wreath. I then used a ribbon to cover and finish the outside and inside edges of the foam adding top strands for hanging. The blooms and leaves were simply glued directly to the surface to create this beautiful paper flower wreath. Of course you can use any paper flower for this mini wreath, but if you would like to recreate this look, just download the paper rose printable at the end of this post. (PLEASE NOTE: These PDFs have 2 pages, one to print on the front and the other on the back of the paper. Also, this double sided printable works best printed on a laser printer using text weight printer paper. The preview does not show the complete design, but when you download and open it in Acrobat you will see exactly what you will be printing). For instructions on how to make the paper roses you can find them here and for a video tutorial, see this post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Rose Mini Wreaths Pink Paper Rose Mini Wreath Paper Rose Wreath Pin

  1. Amazing! I’ve just discovered your site and I’m loving it! What king of paper do you use to do these flowers?

  2. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I so enjoy your creations and that you share them and provide templates and instructions. I have a board ‘Lia Grifitth Designs’ on my Pinterest page. So glad I found you. Regards, Mary Rinaldi

  3. Would love to do this in a purple. Is there a pdf to just have the outline in white to print on purple paper?

  4. GENIA LIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACIAS!!! TODO ES EXQUISITO !!!!

  5. Lindo trabajo!!!!

  6. Thank you so much! Your paper flowers are gorgeous!I made two rose wreaths, one for my bedroom and one for my office. Can’t wait to try other flowers!

  7. Thank you so much Lia for your amazing tutorials! Your artistry is truly inspiring! I’m so thankful to have found you and cant wait to see what’s to come.

  8. Hi Ms. Lia! First of all, thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. And not just that, you let us have the pattern of your projects! 😀

    I used your feather and flower projects in decorating my tackle box. Can I post it on Instagram? :))

  9. no encuentro la descarga de pdf para las plantillas

  10. Has anybody ever used your flowers for their wedding or a special occasion? They are so realistic looking it’s hard to tell they’re paper. I love making paper flowers and other paper ornamentals.
    I have a hard time using my pretty papers once I buy them, duh. Really need to get over that.
    I don’t have a laser printer so will have to make do with the old fashioned kind, inkjet. Hope that will work somehow.
    So glad you share these incredible projects with us. Keeps me out of trouble. I’m so glad I found your blog.

    • Yes, I have seen a lot of my readers use these for their weddings. GORGEOUS! The fun thing about using the pretty papers for the flowers is that you will then have a pretty paper flower. :-)

  11. This is so beautiful! I’d love to have you share this or any of your amazing posts at our weekly Super Saturday Link Party. It starts Friday’s at 6pm, hope we see you there!

  12. Love the wreath but can’t find the link to the pdf download?

  13. So Pretty!!

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