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Make a Tissue Paper Full Bloom Rose

Tissue_Paper_Roses_DIY I do realize I posted a tutorial for a crepe paper rose last week, but I was inspired on one of my morning walks just the other day by this gorgeous rose that looked like a peony. I posted the photo of this rose on my Instagram asking if I should take it on as a paper flower challenge in tissue paper. Of course there were a lot of cheers for this idea. I love the thin delicate petals when I use tissue paper, but the challenge is making the petals curl to shape similar to flower petals which often are cupped. For this flower I used my “curl with the edge of my scissors” technique (very gently) and absolutely love the results. These roses look like they are at the peak of their bloom right before the petals drop. You will find my tutorial below followed by the printable pattern for these roses. Of course you can use any tissue color you like but my choices were Blush, (which I used both unbleached and with a bleached edge for the color variations), French Vanilla for the centers and Tapestry for the leaves. You can learn more about the bleached tissue paper from Livia Cetti’s The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers or by taking her classes (along with mine of course) over at Creativebug. You can also read a bit more about the bleached edge process in my tissue poppy post. The only other materials and tools you will need are 1 inch foam balls (optional), floral wire, floral tape, scissors and a hot glue gun. Go round those up and join me for some tissue paper flower gorgeousness. Cheers! ~ Lia

Tissue_DIY_Roses Tissue_Paper_Rose Bouquet_Tissue_Paper_Roses_DIY DIY_Paper_Garden_Roses DIY_Paper_Rose_Bouwuet TissuePaperRoseTutorial TissuePaperRosePatternButton

  1. Love these! My very fave blooms are the giant fluffy cottage garden variety like peonies and ranunculus, and these are just perfect! Question… every tutorial features these gorgeous milkglass vases and holders. Do you have a suggested source for faux vintage retro vases (cake stands, candlesticks, housewares etc) at reasonable cost?

  2. Спасибо Вам, очень интересный сайт.

  3. Thank you!!! XO

  4. Hi there! these flowers are gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing…question: how did you change the color in the tissue? to go from pink to white? or is it just a lighting effect of the photo? thank you so much!
    P. xo

  5. Dear Lia,
    your site is fantastic!
    You’re very kind to leave your free pattern, not all are like you!!
    Thank you very much.

  6. These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing cannot wait to have a go x

  7. Lia – you are so gifted. All the flowers I saw took my breath away!! Keep up the wonderful work to make us so happy!!

  8. These are fabulous! I have made 6 so far for my bouquet for my wedding! I after found this I no longer considered spending tons for money on flowers! I used regular ol’ tissue paper from my local craft store and they are so elegant. Thank you for this amazing idea! Mine look slightly different but just perfect for my wedding and made by me!

  9. It is so beautiful I love it.

  10. Ohhh Wow, I can smell your carnations, they look so real and beautiful. Thanks for the tut on how to make them. These are awesome! hugs, Patty

  11. Hi Lia,
    I looked at your dresses from Xerox and the ones you made later, and they are beautiful!! I can’t believe one of your dresses was in an ad!! You have a talent and I’m glad I can enjoy seeing what you do.
    And these paper roses are just beautiful, it kind of reminded me when my Mom made a Christmas Tree just with roses made out of tissues(like Kleenex) back in the 70’s, I wasn’t even born but I saw it on a picture :)
    She also made two piñatas (I’m from Mexico so we must have one every birthday party) one was a house I think there’s a picture around too and she also made a big airplane!! They were so beautiful that people didn’t want to brake them haha.

    • You came from talent then. I love making piñatas and have a flower design coming up this summer. I hear you about not breaking. . . they are ART!

  12. Unes flors precioses i encara llueix més amb la teva filla, tan bonica!!
    Una abraçada

  13. These are so beautiful and so realistic – Ruby Ragbox

  14. I adore your flowers & recipes!!!

  15. Thank’s Hon,this one so pretty look’s so simple do…Cookie17

  16. Just amazing, Lia… they look like real flowers. I don’t think I can make these, because the tissue paper you have used seems to be more sturdy than the one found in my country, but it’s worth give it a try. Thank you for this beauty.

  17. Lia, there’s something wrong with the PDF file? and I’m gonna make these beautiful roses, thanks!

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