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“Meet Lia” Video by Creativebug

liagriffithAlong with my Paper Wedding Craft video series that was filmed by Creativebug, they also did a sweet little “Meet Lia” clip that I wanted to share with you here today. Their  team is so talented and I love the way they tell a bit of my story here in this video. Come take a look! Hugs ~ Lia

  1. Of course I will let you know!!! I am Texas but you never know I can find a reason to travel and meet you!! Thanks for the link, I’m going to look at the dresses now :)

  2. ok, i’ve “bombarded” you with 2 emails now. you may want to look into your spam, in case it’s gone there?
    have a happy day :-), steph

  3. Congrats! Nice video! Loved the dress.

  4. Thanks, Lia! I will take a look at your dresses and join Creativebug. I actually really like rainy days—there is something very soothing and serene about rain…

  5. I like your hairdo a lot. I felt like I was walking along with you, having a conversation. [can I say something negative?] I had to stop watching and just listen because I felt “sea sick” with the camera’s movements. I would love to know more about how you take your pictures.

    • This style of video shooting is a tad bumpy. I think it is funny that they are actually using it more in movies and tv shows too. It gives that “real life” feel. I am actually planning to do a whole series on photography so do stay tuned! 😉

  6. thank you for your reply, lia:-) (that is really so nice, that you reply personally to all the comments!)
    I would like to send you the photos again, but can’t find your email adress anymore. you had written it in response to a woman who offered to send you some milk glass vases, do you remember? I sent the photos to that adress, but now I don’t see it anymore. would you like to send it me again? then I could send you my photos…(or is there a way of uploading them to you per these comments?)

    have a lovely day, lia, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again :-)

    • I LOVE to read the comments so it feels so natural to respond. :-) My email is lia at lia griffith dot com. Looking forward to seeing them!

  7. That was a great video and it’s always so nice to see and hear the person whose blog you admire and follow. Thanks for doing that.

  8. Great video, Lia. You sure are inspiring and inspired. I love to see the scenarios you create for your photos… just fabulous.

  9. Hi Lia,
    I love seeing you in the video and that dress looks fantastic, I need to take a look at the other dresses. I would like to meet you someday, hopefully something bring us together. You just seems so happy, creative and peaceful.
    Thank you :)

  10. You really are a teacher. And I do look at things in a different way..because beautiful can be everywhere…

  11. Love the video. Super sweet! That dress, oh my-Gorgeous! Also when you said “don’t like the weather…wait a minute, it’s always changing.” Made me chuckle, love that!

    Have a beautiful day!

  12. I have live in Cumbria (the lake district ) for 25 yrs it does rain all the time there

  13. hello lia – it was SO nice to watch your video and get a feeling of what you’re like! (which of course, after seeing all the beautiful things you make is interesting to us)
    I am thrilled with your blog and have made almost every flower you have showed.( and also sent you some photos of them but am not sure you saw them as you mentioned your deleted emails not long ago…)
    It was also lots of fun watching the videos of your pretty house because I just love interiors, too! so, thank you again for the generous sharing of your work; all the best,
    stephanie (germany)

    • Hi Stephie! Send those photos again. . . I would LOVE to see them. So happy you enjoyed the video and a peek at the real person. 😉

  14. Hi Lia, that was great. Portland is a place i want to visit. that was a great clip. I love the fact that you share with the whole world as what you give out you get back. thanks, Lorri

  15. Proud papa here. Great Video, great daughter!

  16. I loved this little video. I’m so glad I was able to drive from Seattle last weekend to meet you and attend the Cricut Explore workshop. Your studio is filled with beautiful creativity and inspiration! You are so talented – thank you for sharing your gift with the world! :)

  17. It was such a pleasure to meet you last Saturday. Thank you again for opening up your lovely home and studio. You’re such an inspiration. I’m glad the fabulous and talented Courtney Cerruti led me to you. I watched the first class on Creativebug today. Fantastic!! I love this version of your bio and showcasing rainy Portland. Saturday’s meringues were from Jade, where did you purchase the ones in this video? Yum!

    • It was so great to meet you too Lucinda! I was really pleased with how the Creativebug videos came out. They are a talented bunch too. The macarons in the video were from my former favorite, Nuveri which is down in the Pearl. I am a huge Jade fan now though and would have gone to their shop for the video but we happened to be in the Pearl. 😉

  18. Nice, really nice! Your sweetness and lovely personality shine through, even in the rain! Please tell us more about the dress! It is beautiful! My father used to make paper cranes for me when I was little…so, they hold a special place in my heart! Thanks for sharing this piece with us!

    • Thanks Phyllis! I am of Irish heritage so the rain is my natural habitat. Haha. The paper dress is one of many I have made and the only one left from my original runway show many years ago. Here is a link to see all of my dresses. If you happen to join Creativebug, the intermission on the head wreath class talks all about the dresses.

  19. That made me tear up! Great video!

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