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My Home Tour: The Dining Room

Dining Room Tour Happy Friday! As promised, I am in sharing the next room in my home tour. . . the dining room. This room is in the heart of the home, as it should be. It is flanked by the living room and kitchen, which together make one large great room. This room has many new things that I either found or created to finish the look I was wanting to create. You may recognize the grey painted buffet, the large yellow painting and the Ikea étagère from my loft tour. Take a look at the photo tour and room details and I will share my sources and details at the end of the post.

LiaDiningRoom DiningRoomTableSetting DiningRoomShelves DetailsinDiningRoom DiningRoomDetails WindowSeat PaintingOverButtet BuffetPainting ChandelierVintageModern DIYChandelier

DINING ROOM TABLE: The Emmerson table from West Elm is made from reclaimed pine and is something that literally pined over for at least a year before I finally purchased it. You may recognize it from most of my new tutorials, as I use it for the textured background. DINING ROOM CHAIRS: The farm house captain chairs are era 70-80’s and were gifted to me with the rest of the set. I painted them in this buttery yellow Chalk Paint which you can read more about in yesterday’s post. The Chippendale chairs I found on Craigslist and are vintage 60’s. They are metal, made originally for outdoor use. I added the ikat fabric to the cushions to give them a spash of yellow.
SHELVES: This is straight from Ikea. I like the visual lightness of the thin metal and glass piece to hold some of my collections and add interest to the room. ON & AROUND THE SHELVES: You may recognize the fall leaf wreath from this post and the mini chalkboard from this post. The owl figurines are from West Elm. The small painting is one that I purchased from a street painter in Paris last November and the framed print was found on Etsy by artist Leah Duncan.
BENCH: I purchased this at Home Goods. PILLOW: These are pillow covers from this tutorial. The floor pillows make a perfect bed for Enzo to enjoy the afternoon sun. STUMP STAND: I moved this from my living room to this window to hold the Christmas cactus that was passed down from my grandmother.
BUFFET: This is a very modern piece that I have had for years. It was originally chocolate brown wood, but after too many scratches and water stains, I painted it in a dark blue grey. YELLOW PAINTING: Though I am not a fine artist, I will whip up a painting when I need to fill a space. This one is quite simple with a solid yellow background under the white poppy sketch. METAL ANTLER CANDLE HOLDER: They have a good selection at Pottery Barn but I found this one on Amazon. PRINTING BLOCKS: These are something I have been collecting for a few years, finding them in various places. MERCURY GLASS VASES & BOWLS: Most were purchased from West Elm’s collection.
VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL CHANDELIER: This is my favorite piece in this room (other than the table of course). The wood header was a roadside freebie, formerly a coffee table. I found my vintage hardware on Etsy from a shop called Snake Head Vintage. The 25 watt tubular light bulbs were found at Home Depot as a close second to the Edison bulbs which were three times the price. Though I planned to share this as a tutorial, the photos for each step were accidentally deleted so I am now planning a second piece with 5 bulbs for my kitchen bar. I will share it as a step-by-step.

Let me know if I missed anything! I will continue the home tour next week with the bathroom. Cheers! ~ Lia

  1. Wow you have a really nice home:)
    And also really cool decorated!!
    Lovely wishes,

  2. Did you make that dinning room table. That is exactly what I want and am thinking about making it… If so was it easy?

  3. Hello! I’ve been considering getting this West Elm dining table, but with four kids, I’m wondering how practical it is. How has this table been to upkeep? Do crumbs get stuck often? Easy to wipe down? Looks beautiful!

    • This table has taken some abuse and still looks amazing. I craft on it, stand on it for photos, get hot glue all over it (which I easily removed) and it looks none the worse. Oh… and glitter all over which I removed with a vacuum cleaner. My only regret is that I did not get the larger one. After a year, I still love this table.

  4. Hi I absolutely adore the yellow canvas and would love to reproduce it. Did you use a stencil or was this free hand. Could you let me know where you copied this design from

    Best wishes from France

  5. I have been looking for instructions on making a hanging light fixture very similar to your dining one…any idea when you will post a step by step or is it possible you could email the instructions? I have installed manufactured light fixtures many times, but have never wired one together from scratch….hoping you might help me? Thank you!!!!

  6. But you are a much better painter than you give yourself credit for. I have the proof in my house!

  7. Hi Lia,
    this is such a beautiful room. The chandelier is absolutely stunning. May I ask, did you make that gorgeous stump stand yourself?

  8. It’s all very charming! the pop of yellow on the chairs is a nice touch. And the tree stump is a pretty cool idea 😉

  9. Stunning room. The chandelier is amazing…have to go peek at the rest of your house now! 😉

  10. Hi Lia, I just love your home. It is beautiful, interesting, creative, inviting and unique. I definitely think you should have your own tv show.
    St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
    (waaaaay north!)

  11. Where did you get the curtains and roman shades?

  12. Charmed, as always!

  13. Hola Lia,
    Senzillament diví !
    Congrats enjoy it a lot, Kisses

  14. Such a gorgeous home!

  15. LOVELY!! Expecially the little Enzo!

  16. When can I move to your home?? 😉
    It’s unbelievable!!! It’s so inviting like a cottage!! I can do crafts all they long with you, the only thing is that my 2 year old is not going to let me do much haha.
    Your home is beautiful!!
    I will love to make a chandelier like yours, is it pricey?

    • Haha! See. . . this is why I need a TV show to go decorate other’s homes. I vote yes for that idea! 😉 The chandelier was just under $200. The investment was in the 12 sockets and 50 feet of vintage cloth covered wire. I was seeing chandeliers similar to this on Etsy for $1200 so even with the cost of the vintage sockets and wire, I thought is was a great price.

  17. Your home is exquisite Lia. It’s very classy. Are you a decorator in another life? You just seem to know what and how to do the best looks. Thanks for the look into your home. Happy weekend

    • Thanks JaneEllen! I have always had a knack for it. I was ready to go back to school and get my interior design degree when I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter so I stayed in my graphic design career. And look, I am doing it anyway. :-)

  18. Very pretty! Love your style!! So bright & inviting! (Some of my favorites are the fabric covered dining table chairs, the table, fall wreath, chandelier.) : )

  19. Oh Lia! It is so beautiful, serene, and cozy at the same time! Everything is great but I am really attracted to the table and the beautiful chandelier you made.

    • Yes, the table. Love it!! And the chandelier still takes my breath away. I had been noodling on that project for months so it is fun to see it as a reality.

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