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My Home Tour: The Hallway

Hallway Photo Wall Here we are, it is Wednesday again, which means it is time for another room in my home tour. This week due to my deadline filled schedule, I have picked the smallest room in the house. . . the hallway. This room has just one wall, the wall I am showcasing without a door. It connects the bedroom, bathroom, office/studio and the dining room so it is literally in the heart of the house. What better way to fill the heart than with photos of those who are closest and artwork made with love. This room is an homage to my daughter and me with bits and pieces of things that each of us have made, her gorgeous artwork and heart warming pieces from family and friends. Take the short 12 foot tour and I will give you the details at the end of the post.

Hallway Emily Art Hallway Lia Art Hallway Details Hallway Art Display DRAWINGS: Just a few years ago, Emily decided she loved to draw and away she went. The little green owl came first and the glorious drawing of the winged warrioress is something she drew for me within the last few years. I treasure both pieces. POTTERY: My mother was an amazing illustrator and potter. When her health came to a place that we knew her time was short, my sisters and I went through hundreds of her pottery pieces to divide them among the four of us. The three porcelain bowls and the lidded pot are a few of my favorites. PHOTOS: All are of Emily and me throughout the years. . . and one of Enzo of course. Some were shot by yours truly and the rest by three very talented photographers. Brian McDonnell, Stan Sinclair and my dear dad. PAPER CRAFTS & OTHER CRAFTY THINGS: You may recognize some of them. Most were created for posts on my former blog and for you here on this blog, including the sunshine quote and washi tape monograms. FELTY ENZO ART: This was a gift from another Emily who is a dear lady and talented designer. RUG: Wool rug brought to me from Turkey. CHAIR: Purchased at Home Goods. BOOKCASE: Bought at West Elm many years ago. FRAMES: Mostly Ikea frames.  PAINT: Sherwin Williams Peppercorn (this paint is a one coat wonder).

  1. Tot amb un gust exquisit ! beautiful, beautiful all, i like it very much !!
    A lot of kisses

  2. You did washi tape the thermostat. I hung a decorative empty frame around my thermostat.

  3. Where did you get the framed Roald Dahl quote? I would love to purchase this.

  4. How did I not know you had a daughter?!

    I love how personal your space is. We gained a hallway when we put an addition on our house 6 years ago and one wall is all photographs I’ve taken in the garden and the other side is my “homemade” art wall. I have kid art and drawings done by family members. I love having a place for those things.

    Your space looks great.

    • Thanks Mindy! I do talk about her now and again and she is often my model holding flowers or farmer’s market bags for the posts. I did not mention in this post, but she is 19 now and no longer lives at home. 😉

      I love having this space where I can be as informal as I like and hang goofy things like a glitter LOVE sign. Haha. I will be filling up this wall soon and be hanging things over the doors of the other 3 walls.

  5. I love the way you’ve arranged the pictures and objects in this space. It was clever to put pictures around the thermostat so it looks like it is part of the ensemble! I’m fanatic about personal art and objects so I am in love with this space!

    • Ah, you caught that. I have been looking for something to cover it, but still make it easy to access. Washi tape in a pinch. Right?

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