Paper Kentucky Derby HatKentucky Derby Paper HatKentucky Derby Hat from PaperI have a theory that we all have something we are really good at. For some it might be delicious cooking, or being really good at business and even being an amazing mother. . . for me it is simply taking a flat piece of paper and making a 3-D object. I am really good at it. Some of you may be familiar with my art project I call Papier Couture which was my fun playground of paper sculpting a few years back. Now I use my knack to create the paper flowers I share with you here on this blog.

So what does this paper crafter do when she is invited to go to a Kentucky Derby Party and there is a prize for the largest hat? Well of course. . . she sculpts one out of paper. I was very lucky that on Friday night when I began this project (to wear Saturday) I had just finished a guest post using a dozen paper orchids. They made the perfect decor for my over-sized bonnet. Needless to say the hat was a hit at the event. It became the unofficial event photo prop as many ladies snapped their picture while wearing my unusual art. Oh what joy it was to share! Cheers ~ Lia