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My Paper Kentucky Derby Hat

Paper Kentucky Derby Hat Kentucky Derby Paper Hat Kentucky Derby Hat from Paper I have a theory that we all have something we are really good at. For some it might be delicious cooking, or being really good at business and even being an amazing mother. . . for me it is simply taking a flat piece of paper and making a 3-D object. I am really good at it. Some of you may be familiar with my art project I call Papier Couture which was my fun playground of paper sculpting a few years back. Now I use my knack to create the paper flowers I share with you here on this blog.

So what does this paper crafter do when she is invited to go to a Kentucky Derby Party and there is a prize for the largest hat? Well of course. . . she sculpts one out of paper. I was very lucky that on Friday night when I began this project (to wear Saturday) I had just finished a guest post using a dozen paper orchids. They made the perfect decor for my over-sized bonnet. Needless to say the hat was a hit at the event. It became the unofficial event photo prop as many ladies snapped their picture while wearing my unusual art. Oh what joy it was to share! Cheers ~ Lia

  1. Lia, your hat is breathtaking. I would never have believed that anything quite so beautiful could be crafted from paper, but you have proved me very very wrong!

    Sorry I’m not a royal (like the other commentators have suggested) but I do live in England & I would LOVE to wear this to Ascot. It would certainly beat many of the very expensive hats that are worn by the posh ladies there!

    I’ll be first in the queue for your instructions if you decide to do them.

    Thanks you for posting this.

  2. may i have the instructions for making this hat please

  3. Where do you get 24×32″ paper? That would be great, sounds like your hat was the star of party. When we moved to KY was just before Kentucky Derby so there was alot talked about it. Here not so much. Your hat is fantastic, how fun to wear it all day, nice of you to loan it for photos. Did you get copies of all the ladies wearing your hat? Did you win the prize? Had to stop to see what this post was about. Trolling thru to get caught up after p/c vacation.

    • I got the paper at an art supply store. It is a poster board of sorts so maybe even at a drug store where they sell school supplies. I did win the prize! I did not get photos of the ladies wearing hats though. Maybe next time?

  4. I’ve been viewing your flowers and linked up to this absolutely gorgeous hat!!
    It belongs in the movie My Fair Lady!
    Thank you for all you have created

  5. I am so impressed. I am a paper artist and just love seeing your work. Thank you. How big are your papers? They seem larger then what I have ie. 12×12.

  6. This is absolutely fabulous. Please tell me there will be a tutorial some day soon! I would love to do a Kentucky Derby themed dinner party and nothing would be better than to have this beautiful hat as the centerpiece.

  7. Love the hat! Did you win the prize for largest hat?

  8. wooow this is amazing, soooo beautiful , well done, really love it!!!!;-D

  9. Wow, that is amazing. I love paper crafting and thanks to people like you how show that there are no limits to what you can make.

  10. Oh !! quina preciositat ,està diví, però quina feinada !! ufffff.
    Ets increïble i a més estàs molt i molt maca .sembles una princesa.
    Fins una altra,una abraçada.

  11. wow, Lia! JUST.BEAUTIFUL! i swear – you think it, you make it! it was great to see your smile in this post, too! thank you for making me smile….again! cheers!

    • Thanks Shari. I still remember hearing you talk about my high school outfits just a few years ago. I had no idea I had made an impression on anyone. You know how teens are. :-)

  12. That hat is so over the top and so Kentucky! Great work! And you’re not only good with paper, but amazing. :)

    • It is! I was going to make a crazy floral fascinator and my daughter pushed me to go for the big vintage style hat. Happy I listened.

  13. Just when I think I’ve seen your best, You come up with the most awesome hat. You should ship that right off to the Queen. The royal Haberdasher is fired.

  14. I fully expect some English royal to come calling for her own personal version of this. 😉

  15. Awesome hat! You look just like a Southern Belle! Beautiful!

  16. That is awesome! But its a good thing nobody had to sit behind you in the grandstands. 😉

  17. WOW. Seriously–just when I think you can’t possibly beat your lat project—there you go again. AHHH-MAZING! I bet you had a great time showing it off! :)

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