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My Paper Wedding Craft Video Series + Creativebug Giveaway

DIY Paper Wedding Crafts with Lia Griffith Maybe you have seen some of my sneak peeks on my instagram or heard a few hints I have been dropping about a video series I filmed in San Francisco. It is now time to officially announce that. . . . Starting June 3, l’ll be teaching a four-week paper wedding crafts course at  It will cover all sorts of fabulous paper projects DIY brides can make for their wedding including tabletop décor, headpieces, backdrops, and more. Even if you are not a bride, these classes are perfect for anyone planning a party or shower. The course will include the four how-to video tutorials, weekly live chats with me and downloadable templates for each project. You can take the four-week June course by signing up for a month’s subscription at …and that is only $9.95.

Pretty cool, right? Take a look at how much fun this class is going to be by checking out the video promo and details about the workshop by clicking right here.

To celebrate my first series of classes with Creativebug, they are offering TWO three-month subscriptions so you can join my workshop as well as check out all of the wonderful classes on their site. Sign up to win in the form below and remember you can do it daily until the raffle ends! This raffle is for both US and international readers. How exciting, now go sign up! ~ Lia
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  1. I just love paper flowers. I have made a few, but not as nice as these. If I can take the workshop, I might even make them for my friends wedding

  2. I’d love to take any class you’d have on making paper flowers. They are absolutely wonderful!!

  3. Since I thoroughly enjoy all of the projects you make and share, I am certain that I would also enjoy any classes you teach!! Thanks!

  4. I absolutely love your work! I am planning on making paper flowers for my wedding and would love the opportunity to learn from you!

  5. I love love love your work, and winning this subscription would go a long way to helping me with future plans.

  6. Wow! The flower flowers are so beautiful. I can’t wait to play along!

  7. I absolutely love everything you create and you’re the only one blogger I constantly follow! Thank you Lia for such a great giveaway! (;

  8. Thanks so much for chance to win subscription. Watching your techniques making projects would be helpful. Hoping your week is going well.

  9. I would love to see how to arrange paper flowers into a bouquet. I’m a fan of all your creations! You are really talented. And thanks for all your tutorials. :)

  10. What a great idea! So excited to see the series & learn how to make your incredible flowers & papercrafts!

  11. I’d like to see you doa series of classes on natural bath, spa products along with your beautiful packaging!

  12. I love the paper flowers and I would like to learn how to make them better! I love your blog and follow you on pinterest. Thank you thank you for the opportunity.

  13. Eu gostaria de mais aulas sobre flores diferentes, como tulipas, para casamentos. Tulipas são muito utilizadas em minha cidade.

  14. More paper flowers, please- LOVE THEM!!!

  15. Oh I am so excited that you’re teaching a class! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and helping us all beautify a little corner of our world!

  16. I’ve recently discovered your absolutely amazing blog! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing so much with us!

  17. I am so glad I recently found your blog, everything you make is pure perfection and can’t wait to see what you are going to do next! Thank you for your hard work and inspiration!

  18. I am so glad I found your shop. The paper flowers are lovely…they look soft and delicate without looking false or forced! Beautiful

  19. Oh Lia…. How wonderful that you will be sharing your amazing talent….thank you…!

  20. I would love a chance to win! Your paper ideas are fantastic!!

  21. Looks like a great class! Thanks for the giveaway1

  22. Wow! I can participate from Italy! :)

  23. I love paper crafts of any kind so this would be a fantastic chance to learn more. I!m going to be in Portland in September to visit my son, any chance of your teaching a class at West Elm that month? (Fingers crossed)

  24. I would love the chance to win this class. Your flowers are just beautiful. I wish that I could make them half as beautiful and realistic looking as yours.
    Just as a side note, I grew up in Portland and as a small child lived in Gresham. It really is a small world that I just happened upon your blog and saw that you were in Portland.

  25. It would be super If I had access to the video tutorials. People are always asking me to help them make things and this would improve my skills and knowledge so that I am better able to help them develop their own skills.

  26. I’ve seen a lot of paper flower pics on pinterest. This would be cool.

  27. I too would love classes on making paper flowers and some help in floral design on how to use them..

  28. I also would love to learn more about making your paper flowers or maybe even something on creating special party themes because you are so talented in that area as well.

  29. I won’t be planning any weddings again, but I feel there is always a need for more paper flowers – looking forward to the chance to win and learn. I would also love to see classes on creative gift wrapping.

  30. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’d love to see a class from you on homemade body scrubs, butters, etc.

  31. Would love to see you teach a class on how to make your paper flowers!

  32. This sounds like fun!! I signed up to go to your 5/31 class but I might not be able to make it! This would be a good alternative. :)

  33. it would be really nice to be able to participate! I love the paper flowers and I would like to learn how to make them better!

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