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One Nesting Table, Three Ways

Bedside_Nesting_Table When designing my daughter Emily’s new house, it was important for us to find base pieces that can be used in multiple ways as her space and needs change. When we saw this Room Essentials nesting table at Target, we knew it was a winner. You may remember seeing our final look in this post where we used the nesting tables separately. Here are three other ways she can use this table that are both stylish and very functional. I used my house to stage these styles and to give her a reference when she is ready to rearrange things.

Bedside Nesting_Table_Bedside First we set it up as a bedside table. The top nesting table gives extra space for reading glasses, journals and other small objects, while the smaller table can be used as a drawer.

Side Nesting_Side_Table Side_Table_Nesting The second look is a side table and snack table combo. When you’re finished with the snack, the small table easily slides under the larger one to save space. How handy is that!

Entryway Nesting_Table_Entryway Entryway_Nesting_Table
The third setup is an entryway table, which is perfect for smaller spaces. The two-tiered tables allow plenty of space for a lamp, keys and other items, yet they keep things compact. I love having the open legs to tuck a silver painted basket under the table to hold sneakers and car blankets.

For less than $50, this table is a steal, don’t you think? I am sure you will find at least another three uses for them. Cheers! ~Lia
This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.

  1. Hi Lisa! I’m a new reader of your blog–what a great find!! I love your style. I’m dying to know where I can find that cute fox sculpture on the floor? Thank you!

  2. This was a great e-mail with nice ideas and I like Target just to wonder around and find things I didn’t know I needed. Thanks

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