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The Flower Recipe Book + Flower Design Class at West Elm

The Flower Recipe Book Last night I attend a flower design class and book signing offered by West Elm here is Portland. The Flower Recipe Book written by the magically creative owners of San Francisco’s Studio Choo, is a must buy for all of you DIY crafty people. This book is exactly what is says. . . a recipe book, giving you 100 floral bouquet outlines as well as detailed descriptions of 42 flowers. This book is simple to follow and the designs are so fresh and on trend.

The Flower Recipe Book Class Alethea and Jill began the class with some design and structure basic then we all jumped in to create our own bouquet with a recipe for local Oregon flowers. It was such a treat to get the pros insights and feedback as we worked on our arrangements. The results were delightful! Here is the front and back of my bouquet that I photographed in my studio this morning.

DIY Flower Bouquet Bouquet Back Between the fabulous class and the gorgeous flower design book, I am totally inspired! Thanks West Elm for hosting this event and thank you Alethea and Jill for sharing your gifts. ~ Lia

  1. I just looked at this book on Amazon yesterday. I’m thinking of getting it for my mom’s birthday, since she is an avid gardener. Are the “recipes” all formal arrangements, or is there a good mix?

    • I think it is a good mix. Their style is very lose and natural so I feel it has a less formal viewpoint. I think she may love it and if now I know you will. 😉

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