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VIDEO: Make a Paper Ranunculus

RanunculusVideo I am so excited to share with you my next paper flower video! Here I am showing you how I make my version of a crepe paper ranunculus which are so surprisingly easy to make. You can watch the video and place pause where you need to create along with me. These flowers use the gorgeous Italian crepe paper from Carte Fini. Below you can download and pint the pattern and if you would like to see more photos of the finished flowers, just pop over to this post. Share photos of how you use these paper blooms! I love to see them. Enjoy! ~ Lia


  1. Thank you Lia for this wonderful tutorial ! I used in for a spring decoration in a vintage terrarium : :)

  2. Good to know- thanks! I just received a whole bunch of rolls from Carte Fine. Can’t wait to get started :)

  3. Love these flowers! I’m thinking of making them for my wedding and was wondering if you had any experience with them losing some of their firmness as time went on? I know sometimes crepe paper can get saggy after a while and I’m just thinking about how far in advance I might be able to make these. Any ideas as to how long they last? Thanks!!

  4. Your flowers are wonderful, I am charmed with though I confess that to they for my me should not work out so nice as for you. Congratulations for them and for your page from Madrid, Cristina
    Thanks you lia.

  5. I love Rununculuses, Rununculi? I’ve always wished that they weren’t annuals here. This beautiful paper version is an ‘everbloom’. Thanks!

  6. Dear Lia, Thank you for your prompt response! I look forward to corresponding with you on a regular basis, because I’m going to be a loyal follower!!! Since I am new to ordering the Italian crepe paper, which 5 or 6 colors would be your starter colors to make a couple kinds of flowers including the Ranunculus. And what other flower do you recommend ( with your video tutorial to follow ( : ) I have made some flowers already with tissue paper & roll crepe paper, which led me on my search in finding you!!! What a Happy day! Thank you for helping me get the proper start, & for making me feel like your a friend I can just text to get the answer!!! THANK YOU LIA! Sincerely, Julie Portlock P.S. You should have your own magazine OR T.V, show! Martha Who??!! Lol! ( :

    • Thanks Julie! My dream is to have the show and magazine. It is going to happen!! 😉
      I love these colors for the lighter colored flowers. 1) Bright White or Cream (pick your choice) 2) French Vanilla which is pale yellow 3) Sweet Pea which is pale pink 4) Green Leaf 5) Sage. A few of my favorite brights are: Clementine, Salmon and Pink Peony. Honestly, they are all lovely! I have 3 more crepe videos coming. . . back to the editing room. 😉

  7. In love with this!!!

  8. Dear Lia, I’ve just come upon your site today and WOW, YOU are AMAZING! I cant wait to get started just need more supplies. The Italian crepe paper, do you know where else you can get it or do you have to order online? And if so, is it exspensive? So happy I’ve found you, I know I will be following for a long time!!! And again, BEAUTIFUL! Thank you! Sincerely, Julie Portlock

    • Welcome Julie! So happy you are here. There are a few shops that sell this, however I only know of one. Carte Fini is the one who imports it into the US and sells it to the shops as well as online, so he may have a list of retailers if you ask. He is quick to ship though. The rolls are $7 each and I can make at least a dozen ranunculus from one roll.

  9. Where do you source your .5 inch foam balls? I can’t find any – Thanks xo

  10. Fabolous! Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. Amazing as usual!! I love your video tutorials, it is amazing how much clearer it is when you have you standing there explaining it – like your in my living room creating with me!! I’ve been trying to choose which of your paper flowers to make for a bouquet to go on our new phone/internet cabinet and I think I’ve decided on these in white/cream now that I’ve got your amazing video to help me! Can’t wait for more – you’re amazing!!!

  12. Beautiful bunch of flowers ! Love your work you do amazing things!

  13. *love*

  14. A fantastic video, thank you so much for sharing, you do a wonderful job explaining the process.

  15. thanks for the tutorial, as usual, it is very detailed and easy to follow.

  16. GORGEOUS! Can you come live with me and decorate my house with your beautiful creations? 😉

  17. I love this so much, easy to do, and it looked amazing. I have made lots for myself, my grandchildren went onto twine made it long to go across the their bedroom wall, they look lovely instead of a material bunting, matched up bedroom colour’s. And much cheaper. So from me Linda a big thank you. I will keep looking out for your site, x

  18. Beautiful!!! Thanks Lia.

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