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VIDEO: Refinishing Furniture with Chalk Paint®

Chalk Paint Tutorial Video Yes, a new video! You may recognize this table from the entryway tour. It is painted in my all time favorite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan color. . . Graphite! In this video I share my favorite technique to get an old world look using this dark grey paint and both dark and clear soft waxes. I love the finished look of this piece, but do want to make a note that if you are painting in a lighter color than this graphite, I highly recommend you start with the clear soft wax under the dark. It will give you more control over the color. For this deep grey paint, I like the grab the heaviest tone in the dark wax, but on other pieces I do prefer it to be more subtle. You can take a look at my photo tour of the entryway in this post. If you want to see more of this look, check out my Duck Egg blue rocking chairs here, and a few of my other Graphite and Old White pieces in this post. If you are looking for a place to buy Annie Sloan goods, you can find a list of retailers here. I will warn you that it is highly addictive. I have ten more pieces (including 6 chairs) in my house lined up for Chalk Paint®. I will share those with you as I go. Enjoy the video tutorial! ~ Lia

Chalk Paint Entry Table Chalk Paint Before

  1. Hi Lia. I only recently starting looking into using chalk paint and plan to use the graphite paint very soon! Could you just use the dark wax on top of the graphite paint or would you recommend using the dark and then the clear on top? Also, why would you not use the dark wax on the entire piece? Thanks!

    • The dark wax make it darker so if that is the effect you are looking for yes go for it. I normally use clear wax on the entire piece.

  2. Hi Lia, great tutorial for the chalk hallway table :)
    Please tell me which brand were you using? Can’t seem to find it at the depots…

  3. Wonderful look. Can you use chalk paint and wax on chairs? Older Counter stools in my kitchen could really use something like this. If not would u suggest another another technique. The look of milk paint doesn’t work. Thanks so much

    • I have painted 8 chairs so far and love the look! My one tip on that might be to let it cure a bit longer before sitting in the chair. At least a few days.

  4. Do chalk paint work on fabric?

    • I have yet to try it. I know there is specific fabric paint out there, including a fabric spray paint if you want to change the color of your sofa!

  5. Hi Lia,
    I just came across your tutorial for painting with chalk paint through Pinterest. I’m familiar with chalk painting and the steps it takes to get the waxed finish. I just wanted to mention something to you that I think some might find confusing. You don’t specify which wax to use when. For instance on this dark charcoal table you used the dark wax first. For someone inexperienced they might not realize that to use the dark wax on a light piece could ruin the color they are striving for. I learned through AS video’s the importance of using the light wax first then putting the dark on over the light so you have better control on the highlights. Anyway, I thought I’d mention this and maybe in the future you could give clearer instructions when it comes to the wax application and why it is applied in a certain order. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with the rest of us.

    • Yes, you are right and I added a note about that in my text after I finished the video. Sometimes when you are shooting you miss something and you can’t go back and fix it. I will do better next Chalk Paint video. :-)

  6. I’ve been looking for something like this and haven’t found it in the small city I live in. Also, is it necessary to use the wax on top? Can you leave it without or use something else on top?

    • The wax is the magic sauce in my opinion. You can certainly go without and know that you will get a patina from touching the piece. The outdoor pieces that are painted with chalk paint do not use wax, so it is an option for sure.

  7. Will you please share your ratio for the yellow you mixed for you dresser from Arles and English Yellow. I love this color. Thank You, Debbie.

  8. Hi, beautiful hall table! I am just wondering if you had to lightly sand after painting, before you applied the wax? Thanks

    • For this table I did not sand at all. That being said, sanding is great to smooth areas you don’t want to see paint strokes or to weather the edges. On this table I did want to see the paint strokes and rather than weathering with sandpaper, I aged with the dark wax under the clear wax. So many options. Honestly. . . you can’t really go wrong.

  9. I have loved watching you very clear and informative tutorial. I can wait to see you paint smaller home décor projects. I am eager to have a go when I have seen more or your inspirational videos. Thank you.

  10. Merci, merci beaucoup.
    Anne (from France)

  11. Looks awesome! great tutorial!

  12. grazie! bellissimo video tutorial ^_^

  13. Seeing your incredible pieces you have convinced me Annie Sloan chalk paint is hands down a great product. If I could afford it I’d buy the Graphite color for starters and two of the waxes. That would break me for about a month or more but from the looks of your pieces it would be worth it.
    All your pieces are breath taking they’re so well done. You are truly a master at your craft, bravo. Would you be interested in selling block shares of your talent? lol.
    Guess I’ll have to stumble along with home made chalk paint for now. Happy days

  14. That looks so easy! Thanks for the tutorial, Lia.

  15. Lia, this is amazing! Beautifully shot video. I think you’ve finally convinced me to give Annie’s chalk paint a try. Maddie’s French-style wood desk would be a beautiful choice.

    Lisa :)

  16. Thank you for this brilliant tutorial Lia! We can now buy Chalk Paint Downunder, and I have an old church pew that is waiting for a make over.

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