2014 Calendar PrintableHappy New Year everyone! Where did this year go? It was so packed with projects, memories and a few challenges thrown in. As many of you know, I started this blog in late March. It has been the best nine months of my life when it comes to feeling excited to get up everyday and design, create and make projects to share here in blogworld. I have big, big plans for 2014 but to look back for a minute, here are three fun highlights I want to share with you. . .
• In 9 months I have created 78 tutorials, shared my 4 video tutorial (wishing that was 32 videos. . . but next year). Here is a fun visual on Pinterest.
• In 9 months (as in 36 weeks or 273 days) I have posted 200 original posts. I just love you guys and can’t stay away!
• My most Pinterest pinned post is the first of the paper feather series with 101,000+ pins. Holey Wow!
I have been a busy girl indeed and it is often a a challenge to stay organized. Two ways I like to keep thing in order is with my clipboard wall and my printable monthly calendar. This year I designed the calendar (in a chalkboard style design) to clip vertically so it is easier to read when it is hanging on the wall.

Of course I have to share it with all of you. To add the the functionality of these calenders, I have typed in the USA holidays. But. . . I know I have readers all over the world so. . . just open the calendar in Adobe Acrobat and edit, add, delete any holidays on any day of the year. You can even add birthdays and anniversaries, vacations and graduation dates. There is also room to hand write your schedule by each date and a place for your notes at the bottom of the page. Here are the steps to update your calendar in Acrobat: If you like the font I used, you can download it here before you open your calendar in Acrobat. Each day has a text field ready for you even if there is not place holder text. Just click your cursor in the space under the date and type. Once done, you can print your calendar onto letter size paper. I like to print on card stock, but any paper will do. For the clipboard, print two sheets of any of my gift wrap patterns onto full sheet label paper. I used the stripe print from this post. You can also find six other pattern in this post. Once printed just follow this tutorial on how to assemble. Clip your printed calendar onto the board and you are one step closer to an organized 2014! Cheers! ~ Lia

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