Stenciled_Tray_Mothers_DayThe great thing about stenciling is that you don’t have to be an artist to use them and they achieve great results. They are easy to use with the right techniques and are perfect for adding pattern and color to literally any surface. We added this cute lattice design to our teal painted wooden tray using a Martha Stewart stencil that we simply repeated across the surface. My top tips for success are: 

1. We prefer to use a foam sponge for painting and softly dab the paint straight down onto to surface.

2. Use the correct paint for your surface! Whether you’re stenciling onto paper, plastic, glass, wood, ceramic or fabric make sure your paint fits the job by reading the back of the bottle or can for specific uses.

3. Use small pieces of masking tape to secure your stencil into place before you paint – we don’t want wobbles or smears! 

4. Use a gentle tapping motion to dab paint into the open spaces of your stencil – in my experience this is the best method for even tone.

5. If you are repeating your pattern, wait at least one hour for the paint to dry before adding the next row. Lightly tape stencil into place using the printed guides on the stencil.

It’s a good idea to practice first but bear in mind that paints behave differently on different surfaces so, for example, if you’re stenciling onto wood try to practice on an offcut first! Once you’re confident with how to stencil then go ahead and have fun! For more stencil ideas try our monogrammed kitchen towels, door mat or inspirational wall art. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Stenciled_Tray Mothers_Day_Stenciled_Tray