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Paper Wow-er!

Introducing Jennifer Tran of Papetal — another one of our very favorite paper flower makers out there! In her interview, Jennifer shared wonderful words of inspiration with us. From her learning-process, to techniques and methodology, she is a true master of her craft. Stay tuned for more paper flower artistry headed your way in the coming weeks…

LG: Where did you learn to make paper flowers?

JT: I learned from Martha Stewart Living and Paper to Petal — a book by Thuss+Farrell.

LG: What do you love most about making paper flowers?
JT: I find it therapeutic and rewarding. I love seeing how a flat sheet of paper can be turned into something so charmingly beautiful like a paper flower.
LG: Tell us about the first paper flowers you made.
JT: It was a blue poppy made using the instructions in Paper to Petal. I used a mix of tissue paper and crepe paper. I didn’t have wire for stem, so I used a bamboo skewer. I still use bamboo skewer now, but mostly for curling. 
LG: What’s your greatest challenge when making paper flowers?

JT: I’m very picky when it comes to colour. Before I start a project, I usually spend a lot of time evaluating my colour choices. More often than enough, I end up with something I’m unhappy with half way through a project. So I have to start the whole process again. 

LG: Where does your design inspiration come from? How do you develop a flower design?

JT: I’m inspired by nature. Structurally, my work is a replication of nature. In terms of colours, I take inspiration from fashion a lot and am greatly influenced by Richard Aloisio (Former NYTimes Art Director). His colourful Instagram feed is so inspirational and always a mood-lifter.  

LG: What kind of paper do you love to use?

JT: I use a mix of 180g and 60g paper, depending on the project. I do mostly commercial work, so I choose paper based on what is most suitable for the briefs.

LG: What advice would you give to someone wanting to make paper flowers?

JT: Embrace imperfection, show off the flaws… This is what makes your flowers different from everyone else’s. 

LG: What are your go-to tools when it comes to paper flower making?

JT: My beautiful kikki.K brass scissors. They’re well designed and practical.

LG: Do you have a paper flower making top tip you could share?

JT: Choose the finest paper, it makes a huge difference.


Check out some of Jennifer’s creations below. Join her on Instagram and browse her website here — flower power awaits you! 

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