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Powerful Flower-ful Fun

Meet yet another one of our very favorite paper flower artists Susan Beech! In her interview, Susan speaks with us on her passion for paper flowers, and her techniques and methodology. Stay tuned! More paper flower artist inspiration headed your way in the coming weeks…

LG: Where does your design inspiration come from? How do you develop a flower design?

SB: I quite often take inspiration from florists on Instagram. I might see the way they’ve styled a flower or made an arrangement that gives me an idea for something I would like to make. Then I’ll try and get hold of a real flower if possible so that I can take a closer look. If I’m not able to do that, then I’ll use photos to help me. I’ll decide which paper to use and cut some templates.

LG: What do you love most about making paper flowers?

SB: The challenges of it all — trying to replicate nature and also trying to bring something different to it. It feels like there are so many possibilities and I never get tired of it.

LG: Tell us about the first paper flowers you made.

SB: My first flowers were a Rose, Dogwood and Dahlia that I made during an online class with the super-inspiring Brittany Jepson of House That Lars Built. I loved the class so much! It all started with those three flowers. I completely fell for the craft at that point.

LG: What kind of paper do you love to use?

SB: I use crepe paper to make my flowers and I love it so much. You can make a great shape with it and each type has its own qualities that lends itself so well to making flowers. I love the Italian papers and the Lia Griffith range, too.

LG: What advice would you give to someone wanting to make paper flowers?

SB: I think you just have to start by experimenting. Try out as many papers and materials as you can. Have fun with it. Soon you’ll get to know what you like to work with most and you’ll find your style.

LG: What are your go-to tools when it comes to paper flower making?

SB: A good mechanical pencil for drawing templates accurately and small precision scissors for tiny details. I love to use the closed edges of the blades to shape petals too. I use Aleene’s Tacky Glue and floral wire as well.

LG: Do you have a paper flower making top tip to share?

SB: Using Instagram can be a really great way to help you find your style. Uploading photos regularly and seeing them side by side helps so much in improving your work, and you get to meet other flower makers too!


Check out some of Susan’s stunning creations below. Join her on Instagram and browse her website here — flower power awaits! 

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