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A Passion for Paper Flowers

Introducing our Artist Interview Series… Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we bring you some of our greatest inspirations in the Lia Griffith community. To get things started, the Lia Griffith team sat down with paper flower professional Tiffany Holloway of Nectar Hollow and spoke with her about her passion. 

LG:  What do you love most about making paper flowers?

TH:  I love the satisfaction I get every time I finish a flower and it actually passes for the real thing. I look at it and think, “Wow, I made that?” and it drives me to make more and to make them more detailed. 

LG:  Where did you learn to make paper flowers?

TH:  I learned on Pinterest and then took those training wheels off and started doing my own thing.

LG:  What’s your greatest challenge when making paper flowers?

TH:  Trying to do something different is getting more and more difficult. So many talented paper artists are popping up and it’s a challenge to set myself apart with new techniques or crazy flowers that no one has tried.

LG:  Tell us about the first paper flowers you made.

TH:  I saw a photo on Pinterest of a wedding pergola covered in huge paper flowers and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I set out to re-create it in my own way for my wedding. I used a combination of crepe paper and fancy resume paper. My mom now has them hanging on her dining room wall. After the wedding, I stocked up on as many colors of crepe paper I could get my hands on and started making life-sized versions. My first flowers were white ranunculus. I still have them and they still make me smile.  

LG:  Where does your design inspiration come from — how do you develop a flower design?

TH:  My design inspiration comes from nature and floral designers. I peruse photos of floral arrangements and that helps me know what flowers are popular. Once I nail down one to tackle, I search Google Images and Pinterest for detailed photos of the flower. I start with the center and work my way out to the petals, then create the leaves last.

LG:  What kind of paper do you love to use?

TH:  I love the extra-fine and the 60g weight. The lighter paper creates a more graceful, organic look to my flowers. My absolute favorite is the extra-fine double-sided by Lia Griffith.

LG:  What are your go-to tools when it comes to paper flower making?

TH:  A chopstick. Besides the typical scissors, glue, etc., chopsticks are perfect for curling and shaping petals and aiding in detailed work. They also work very well for getting hot glue strings out from between my ranunculus petals.  

LG:  What advice would you give to someone wanting to make paper flowers?

TH:  Do your own thing. Put yourself into it because it’s art. If you love what you’re doing, keep doing it. If you don’t like what you’re doing, improve or move on. My parents always told me “passion, patience, perseverance” and I stuck to that advice.


Below, check out photos of Tiffany’s first-ever paper flowers she created for her wedding. For her newer work, check out Tiffany’s Instagram and Facebook, and browse her NectarHollow Etsy shop here. A true paper flower paradise! 

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