Embrace the JOY of Crafting!

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You Were Born to Create

After ten years in business, I've heard thousands of women claim they don't have time to craft...

They spend their days putting everyone else's needs before their own, get stalled out waiting for inspiration to strike instead of finding it for themselves, feel guilty about spending any money on their own happiness, and fear that they will waste time creating something they don't really love.

Or worse... truly believe that they just aren't creative.

And it breaks my heart.

It’s time to rewrite that story in your head.

You are Worthy

You are worthy of so much more than a spare-time hobby or side hustle. Crafting is a meditative process - a chance to develop and nourish your creative spark.

You are Here to Create Something Beautiful

You are braver than you realize. You don't need to be afraid to create. Maybe sometimes you don't believe you can... but...

Your Time is Now

You're a creative at heart. And when you hear that spark calling, you make time to make beautiful things. With your own hands.

We know you were born to create beautiful things.

A picture of Jackie.

“I'm still obsessed!!! I wish there was more time in a day to get into every craft available at Lia Griffith! I am so grateful to you for this experience. This site and what you are doing has created a true "safe haven" for us as crafters. I am an artist, art teacher, mom of three, and I can honestly say I have not experienced something this amazing creatively!!!! It is so special! And it continues to grow.... Thanks a million.”

A picture of Janice.

“Who knew...that taking this masterclass would teach me so much about myself… I will keep on going, at my own pace-which is just fine to do, and persevere through it to the finish.I will grow in this opportunity. Keeping my head towards the sun. I will nurture the good in myself... Through this I will bloom just like the beautiful creations I make and together we will make the world a more beautiful place.”

A picture of Kathleen.

“I would like you guys to know how much this class has helped me practice how to feel while learning something new… Now I make time and space for all of it... knowing each step completed is expressing my creativity... Playing with crepe paper flowers is just the antidote to keep my mood elevated in a creative vibration. What a teachable moment for every student! Deepest appreciation for all that you guys demonstrate.”

Let Your Creativity Bloom

Don't let fear put out your creative spark...

Imagine what you could accomplish with an entire year to let your creativity bloom...

You can make beautiful projects you'll want to keep forever - a reminder of how far you've come and how amazing it feels to be creative.

You'll discover a significant way to find solace in a world that demands so much of you - whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can feel good about what you create.

Imagine each new project unlocks a thirst to always be creative, unlocks a part of you that you never even knew existed!

Imagine crafting becomes such a big part of your life - more than a hobby to lose touch with when life gets busy.

Imagine a retreat you can turn to in times of trouble, and know you will be just fine.

That's the power of crafting.

Give Yourself the Gift of Creativity

For one week only you can join our annual membership for 93% off!

Ten Years in Bloom
Exclusive Lia Griffith Membership Sale

  • Annual Membership (Value $149)
  • FREE BONUS A Beginner's Guide to Crepe Paper Flowers Volume 1 (Value $249)
  • FREE BONUS Holidays in Bloom Arrangements Workshop (Value $499)
  • FREE BONUS VIP Ticket to Crafty Wonderland (Value $49)
  • FREE BONUS 45 Favorite Lia Griffith SVG Files (Value $120)
  • FREE BONUS $20 Gift for Felt Paper Scissors (Value $20)

Total Value: $1086
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“I missed the pure joy of making something... I love it again.”

This isn't a membership full of uninspired Pinterest projects to cross off your to-do list.

The Lia Griffith membership is all about reconnecting to your creativity, finding beauty in every single project, and handcrafting a life filled with JOY.

Over the past ten years this business has bloomed into an amazing community of crafters just like YOU.

People of all ages who have joined in a maker's movement.

Now you can join us for the next year - or ten! - to create your own JOY!

A picture of Sally.

The master class has brought me such joy. I think back to two years ago when I got started and decided to make the flowers for my son's wedding. It was lovely. But after 3 months of production mode, it was no longer fun. The flowers looked lovely, but I couldn't help but think I missed the pure joy of making something... I put away all my floral supplies and thought I was done with that chapter forever. I took your class on a whim. Thinking I could use up some crepe that was sitting around. What a revelation! I love it again. I love the videos, and being a part of this community!... Don't lose the joy, the adventure and wonder of creating... It is supposed to be fun! It took me a long time to come back to that.”

Rediscover the Joy of Creating

That creative spark lives in us all, and now you'll have the tools to access it every single day.

What’s inside your Lia Griffith membership...

An image showing the two immediate benefits you get from a membership, outlined below. An image showing the five bonus benefits you get from a membership, outlined below.
An image showing the seven benefits you get from a membership, outlined below.

Seasonal Inspiration

Create with the changing seasons and stay inspired daily with...

1 16 brand-new curated projects every month + 12 bonus SVGs and printables
2 Live tutorials and workshops every month
3 Access to the video tutorial library
4 Unlimited project downloads from the project library
5 Immediate access to all Craft Academy skill courses
6 Our crafters' community of like-minded makers
7 $20 gift card for Felt Paper Scissors (with a $100 purchase)

BONUS - Exclusive 10th Anniversary Gifts

An collage of master class images.

Lifetime Access Beginner’s Guide to Crepe Paper Flowers

Volume 1 of our most popular master class is perfect for beginners! Learn how to make seven different crepe paper flowers and gain the confidence to keep creating.
An collage of the Holidays in Bloom workshop.

VIP Access Holidays in Bloom

Take your newfound confidence and knowledge from A Beginner's Guide to Crepe Paper Flowers to create six unique, beautiful holiday arrangements you can craft with paper or fresh flowers!
An collage of the Crafty Wonderland summit.

VIP Access Crafty Wonderland

Join us for our member-only live craft summit in December where we'll show you how to make 10 handmade gifts for all of your loved ones that you can finish in 30 minutes or less!
A square collage of the 45 bonus SVGs.
A collage of the 45 bonus SVGs.

45 SVG Files

Crack open our crafting vault for 45 of our favorite SVG files - hand crafted by the Lia Griffith team for our membership and never before sold on our site or anywhere else. These 45 files will help you make the perfect gift for loved ones during the holidays!

Extra benefits inside your membership...

A mother and daughter making paper mushrooms with a Lia Griffith video tutorial.

Professional Guidance

Crafting made easy, simple, and joyful with expert-led tutorials. Get quarterly VIP Access to expert master classes like A Beginner's Guide to Arranging Paper Flowers - running now, just in time for you to enroll!

A collage of members on a zoom call.

Loving Community

Join a loving community of fellow crafters, makers, and creators. Attend live virtual events with community members and the Lia Griffith team and join our virtual craft community network to connect with other makers.

Anna holding up a shirt that says Create Your Joy.

Create Joy

When you create your own joy, you can share that gift with the people you love. Find the opportunity to create joy inside the membership through decor, handmade gifts, and special projects just for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time to craft?

"I finally decided a little time crafting is better than none at all, so I joined. I was sweetly surprised how organized every craft project is laid out. Each has the templates, a complete supply list, and step-by-steps in one place. I now spend more time crafting and less time hunting for the perfect project. My craft table is my happy place, and it is hard to stay away!" —Rebecca R.

Will I use this enough to justify the cost?

"Once I made my first project from the huge library, I was hooked. There is so much variety of projects and materials to choose from! And I am inspired by the new collection every month. I love that I make time to nurture my creativity. I can say that the joy I feel when I craft and share my creations is worth far more than the investment." —Sharon P.

Will my projects look as good as yours?

"As a new crafter, I was nervous about making these beautiful projects on my own without in-person instruction. But the team is so inclusive, and immediately I felt like family. The tutorials and videos are top-notch, and they are right there to answer any questions. Since I joined, I have felt a new level of confidence." —Kathy A.

What’s included?

Annual members get access to a new Craft Collection on the 1st of each month AND unlimited project downloads. The Craft Collection includes 16 projects, 12 bonus files, and a live Member Make workshop with Lia and Meagan. You get instant access to all of our current skill courses in our Craft Academy, plus any new ones we add. You can also access our Maker workshops in our Craft Academy and enroll in our masterclasses. In addition, annual members save $20 over the year and get an extra $20 off $100 bonus coupon to use in our online shop on craft supplies. Plus ALL of these FREE limited-time-only bonuses:

  • Annual Membership (Value $149)
  • FREE BONUS A Beginner's Guide to Crepe Paper Flowers Volume 1 (Value $249)
  • FREE BONUS Holidays in Bloom Arrangements Workshop (Value $499)
  • FREE BONUS VIP Ticket to Crafty Wonderland (Value $49)
  • FREE BONUS 45 Favorite Lia Griffith SVG Files (Value $120)
  • FREE BONUS $20 Gift for Felt Paper Scissors (Value $20)

What if I can’t attend live events or masterclasses?

Not a problem at all! We understand life can get busy. That's why we record all our live events and masterclasses. You can enjoy them at your own pace, whenever it suits you.

Can’t I just Google these projects or find them online somewhere?

Not only do we give you member-exclusive access to our extensive library and 16 brand new projects every month, but we also give you access to SVG files that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

"With Lia, you get a ton of beautiful projects from one site. It saves me time searching the web, and the project tutorials and videos are easy to follow. I definitely get my money's worth every month!" —Vivian S.

What if I join and don’t love it?

Well, we're pretty confident that won't happen... 😉 but if it does, you can always cancel your membership at any time if it's no longer working for you. You'll keep access to our project library and Craft Academy until your membership billing period ends.

A picture of Diana L..

“I get so much joy watching the joy on people's face when I give them the flowers and they can't believe that I made them! ”
Diana L.

A picture of Tanya W.P..

“I actually believe in myself for the first time since I was a child. Following your advice and your beautiful way that you have of explaining things, I actually believe that I can do something that is worthwhile and looks beautiful.”
Tanya W.P.

A picture of Melodee J..

“One of the most important parts is the community that we're building. This has been kind of my step back into allowing myself to be seen again. We're all accepted no matter what skill level we're at.”
Melodee J.

Embrace the JOY of Crafting

  • If your happy place is in your craft room...
  • If your joy is found creating beautiful things with your hands...
  • If you believe retreating to a craft is self care... a light in the dark...
  • If you’re ready to embrace your creative spark with open arms...

You’ll fit in beautifully.

  • Annual Membership (Value $149)
  • FREE BONUS A Beginner's Guide to Crepe Paper Flowers Volume 1 (Value $249)
  • FREE BONUS Holidays in Bloom Arrangements Workshop (Value $499)
  • FREE BONUS VIP Ticket to Crafty Wonderland (Value $49)
  • FREE BONUS 45 Favorite Lia Griffith SVG Files (Value $120)
  • FREE BONUS $20 Gift for Felt Paper Scissors (Value $20)

Total Value: $1086
Ten Years in Bloom Price: $79

You were born to create.
Come let your creativity bloom!