DIY Felt Plant



  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above, and then print the PDF template below.
  2. Use the template as a guide for cutting your felt pieces in colors of your choice.
  3. Pinch the bottom of the each leaf to create a vein down the center, then add a dot of hot glue to secure.
  4. Cut the stem wire to various heights to create the branches.

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We used various shades of green for visual interest and depth. With this plant you can create as many branches as want – ours includes 10 branches in total, but you can easily make the plant fuller or more minimal depending on your preference. To make the branches a bit tighter, we created smaller bunches by wrapping 2-3 wires together, then combined the smaller bunches into one large arrangement.

We added a red heart at the top of our branch, but of course this is optional! Arrange the leaves to fill out your branches. If you want to dress the branch up a bit, you can paint your terra cotta pot with some acrylic craft paint and add a matching ribbon. We found that this really completed the look, especially if you are giving it as a gift.

DIY Felt Branch Handmade Felt Branch

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