Hob Nail Milk Glass CollectionToday is my birthday! If you know any other Taurus folk you may notice that we love to announce to the world when it is our birthday. This is not because we want gifts or recognition so much as we just like to say it. At least that’s how I have observed the Tauruses in my life. Since it is my birthday I am going to take the day off from designing and crafting and spend the morning with fiends, have lunch with my daughter and treat myself to that much needed mani and pedi. I had this post slotted for another day but at the last minute decided that on my birthday I will talk about one of my favorite past times. . . collecting.

A perk about being a blogger, photographer and as of this summer a wedding stylist, is the excuse to collect pretty things. It was just last summer that I bought my first two pieces of milk glass at an outdoor flea market (they are the two front smaller pieces in the photo below) and since then I have had my eyes on the lookout for more of these vintage looking vases and dishes. My collection started to take off when my bride friend and I decided to decorate her wedding tables with arrangements held in milk glass vases and at this point it is rare I go into a second hand store and don’t walk out with at least one piece. My favorite milk glass is the white hobnail as you see in the above photo. These may range from 1930′s to current pieces since milk glass is still being manufactured today. What ever era, I love the look. A funny thing, I photographed the first round of this collection on Saturday and Sunday found the ruffled cake plate and hobnail pitcher at my local junk store. The cake plate sells for over $100 on Ebay and I got it for $5! Love it! With these two fabulous finds, I had to shoot a new photo to include them.

The vases below are a perfect addition to add to the hobnail for the wedding. I have it in the back of my head that perhaps one day I will have enough goodies to open a wedding rental business on the side. My big dream is to own a farm with a barn and make it into a gorgeous wedding venue. Why not, right? Another great reason to collect. Hugs to you all! ~ Lia

Milk Glass Vases