Paper AnemonesOur Favorite Paper Flower for Beginners

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Anemones! They are a classically spring flower and it would not feel like the blooming season without them. When I owned my flower shop years ago, anemones were one of my favorite flowers to add into bouquets. Even though they have a wildness to them, they can also be wonderful for formal arrangements because of their black centers. Anemones grow in a variety of colors, but I’ve always been drawn to the lighter colored ones and especially white anemones. They almost have a tuxedo feel to them, and I tend to love anything with a black and white, French color palette. 

Crafting your Anemones

We always recommend anemones as the perfect flower for beginner paper crafters because they only have 6 petals. And with our paper anemone kit in JoAnn Stores, making this flower is even easier because you will already have all the pieces pre-cut! Once you get your hands on the kit, you will find the list of additional supplies that you need printed on the back of the package, plus our complete video tutorial below to help you craft. The kit includes white and blush pink petals with vibrant green leaves and sepals for a soft spring color palette that can be incorporated with any home decor you may have. As you will see in the instructional video, curling the petals is essential for making the blooms look more realistic, and we recommend using the edge of your scissors to achieve this look. 

Click on the link at the bottom of the post to find the JoAnn location nearest you that carries our paper flower kits! 

Styling Inspiration

As I mentioned above, anemones are one of my favorite flowers to incorporate into an arrangement. They are beautiful in a bouquet of their own, but they provide a perfect opportunity to challenge your flower arranging skills if you want to pair them with other flowers from our line of kits. If you are creating a bouquet, just make sure to add in lots of greenery to elevate the aesthetic. To add in a bit of a French theme like we did, feel free to pair your bouquet with a black and white striped ribbon. 

Paper is a super versatile, so of course we have played around with making anemones out of crepe paper. All of our double sided crepe papers are available in JoAnn Stores, and you can find our free template and tutorial for making double sided anemones here

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team