Paper Apple BlossomsApple (Blossoms) of Our Eye

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Apple blossoms are a flower that makes our hearts smile. Being from the Pacific Northwest, we love admiring the apple trees when they start blooming in April. My grandfather owned an apple orchard in Oregon, so my family has always had a strong connection with the trees and blooms. The blossoms are mostly light pink when they first bloom, but then eventually turn to white. Seeing the branches entwined with each other is gorgeous! Making paper apple blossoms always gets us ready for spring, so we featuring these stunners for Day 4 of our Countdown to Spring.

Crafting your Apple Blossoms 

For most of our blooming branch designs, we like to use paper covered floral wire to create the base of the branches. If you want to take your branch up a notch, it’s always stunning to use a real branch from around your neighborhood. The combination of paper blooms on real branches is textural and eye-catching. Making these flowers in the past, we’ve had to add the hints of blush to the petals using an art marker and blending the color. With the apple blossoms kit in our line at JoAnn Stores, a soft pink ombre design is already printed onto the pearly metallic paper. One of the most beautiful things about a blooming apple tree is that not only are the blossoms delicate and beautiful, but the leaves lushly surround the blooms. To replicate this natural feature of apple blossom branches, we included leaves in two shades of green.

Once you pick up the kit, you will need a hot glue gun and some wire cutters if you are using paper covered wire to make the branch. You can find a complete list of the JoAnn locations in the download below!

Styling Inspiration

Blooming branches are a gorgeous project for spring home decor. We’ve always loved using them to set in the middle of a spring table top or to display as a wall hanging. After creating these kits, we played around with styling a wedding cake using the branches. Hello gorgeous! These branches have that quality to brighten up and elevate anything they’re paired with, so feel free to get creative. 

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team