Paper CameliasAsiatic Blooms with Universal Beauty

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The first day in our Countdown to Spring was all about garden roses, perfect for introducing our contest to win a trip to the City of Roses. Today we’re shining a light on an early bloomer – one of the first ladies that reveals her pretty petals as spring approaches. Who needs a groundhog to signal the arrival of spring when you have a camellia! I love camellias not only because my name happens to be in it, but because they remind me of a gorgeous camellia bush I had at my old house. Camellias have relatively large blooms, so they are really pretty to have around as you wait for the weather to warm up! 

Crafting your Camellias

Most camellia blooms come is shades between white and red, so we chose two pink colors for the petals in our paper kit at JoAnn Stores. One of the most stunning parts of a camellia are the bright yellow stamens that can cheerfully contrast the pink petals. Plug in your hot glue gun, punch out the pre-cut petals in the kit and follow along with the complete video tutorial below. Click on the link at the bottom of the post to find the JoAnn Store nearest you that carries our line of paper flower kits

Styling Inspiration

When we initially made the paper camellias, we styled them into a simple spring wreath using paper covered floral wire. Form your wreath shape with the wire, then attach the blooms and leaves with hot glue. Simple as that! Another option that we love doing with paper flowers is creating DIY wall art pieces. All you need for this is a shadow box frame – we usually find ours at IKEA. For the art piece that we created above, we glued the blooms to 3 strips of ribbon and arranged them with a staggered look. It is a beautiful statement for spring!

We would love to hear your feedback on the kits, so let us know how your experience has been with them. Stay tuned as we continue featuring our favorite spring flowers, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily inspiration.  


Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team