DIY Paper OrchidLow-Maintenance to No-Maintenance 

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Every time I think about orchids, I have to let out sigh of nostalgia. Growing up in a small town in Idaho, I didn’t get a ton of exposure to orchids until I started working for Pebble Beach Resorts in California. They were all over the hotel, like beautiful little treats for the senses. They are a very structural flower, giving them a simple elegance that can brighten up any space. Because they are low maintenance flowers, they have traditionally been wonderful housewarming gifts or going away presents. There are lots of different kinds of orchids, and one of my favorites are cymbidium orchids. I always have at least one orchid in my home, and it didn’t take me very long to realize that making a paper orchid meant going from low maintenance to no maintenance. Perfect for anyone without a green thumb!

Crafting your Orchids

One of the best parts of making flowers out of paper is that you can add slight changes that you wouldn’t be able to find in nature. Here at Lia Griffith HQ we love anything with pretty metallic accents, so when we were designing our cymbidium orchid craft kit for JoAnn Stores, we wanted to add a little pop of gold to the centers. The petals feature a crisp white color that incorporates well with any home decor scheme and grassy green leaves reminiscent of spring. You never want your metallics to be too distracting, so we chose an antique gold for the centers rather than a bright, shimmery gold. The kit includes all the petals, centers and leaves, pre-cut and ready to punch out. You can find a list on the back of the kit with additional supplies you need, and then you can watch our video tutorial below on how to assemble the orchids. 

Styling Inspiration

Orchids are an ideal flower to set out in your entry way. The blooms will welcome your guests with a smile as they come into your home! And as we mentioned before, a paper orchid can make for a fantastic hostess gift. The individual blooms of orchids are small, so we love using them as gift toppers, boutonnieres or DIY hair clips. If you need a little green to spruce up your work desk, cymbidium orchids will never go out of style!

You can find the complete collection on JoAnn’s website to have your favorite flowers delivered right to your door. To join our crafting community, head over to our membership page, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team