Inspiring Bulbs that Signal Spring

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If we could only choose one flower to include in our Countdown to Spring, it would be daffodils. They grow all across the United States, so we can always count on them to be the first sign that spring is coming. Daffodils are serious winter warriors – all the magic happens underneath the snow cover, then all of sudden bright yellow blooms start popping up everywhere! And how inspiring is that? The sunny yellow color is exactly the hue we need to start building some excitement for the warmer months, so we created a paper version that you can keep inside with you all spring long. 

Crafting your Daffodils

Generally daffodils bloom in a color spectrum between yellow and white, with 6 petals and their signature trumpet shaped center. In our paper daffodil kit available in JoAnn Stores, we included three shades of yellow petals, plus a rich green color for the leaves. Daffodils bloom from the ground, so the leaves resemble long blades of grass. Find a list of the JoAnn Stores that carry the kits in the download below, then grab your hot glue gun to get started! We have a complete video tutorial for crafting the daffodils below that you can follow along with as you.  

Styling Inspiration

To give our paper daffodils some extra flair, we added a bit of gold glitter to the centers after crafting them. This is optional of course, but if you want to give it a try all you have to do is add some Mod Podge glue or hot glue to the center and sprinkle the glitter on top. After it dries, you can dump the excess glitter back into its container. Because daffodils bloom from the ground, we wanted to style them in a way that could honor their growth through even harsh winter conditions. We chose a simple green vase, stuck a piece of foam inside and covered it with dried moss from our local craft store. From there you can stick the stems directly into the foam to secure them. The result is a gorgeous potted plant that looks like it came straight from the garden (without triggering any allergies!). 

Stay tuned as we roll out the rest of our paper flower kit collection, including dogwood, ranunculus, peonies and more. Join our crafting community here, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily updates. 

Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team