Branches Forever in Bloom

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As we continue our Countdown to Spring, we want to shine a little spotlight on blooming branches. Branches capture the true essence of spring – blooms awaken after a long winter resting period to inspire excitement for all that we have to look forward to. In the Pacific Northwest, the trees around us start becoming huge bursts of color and you can’t help but smile when you see them. I actually had a big dogwood tree in my old house! Dogwood flowers are mostly white, but some petals have light dustings of pink that make the flower more and more interesting as you get closer. The outstretched branches are the tree’s way of tell you to come enjoy its lusciousness. By making your own dogwood branches, you can bring some of that lusciousness into your home decor. 

Crafting your Dogwood Branches

When we have made dogwood branches in the past, we would start with a pearl white shimmer paper and then add blush pink detailing to the petals using an art marker. Creating a paper kit version meant that we could have the colors blended and printed directly onto the petals! The ombre blending gives it a natural look and also cuts down on crafting time, which is exactly what we want out of a paper flower kit. Once you have the kit ready, you can follow our video tutorial below as you craft. Start by assembling your blooms, then attach them to your branch. We made our branch out of paper covered floral wire, but you also have to option to find a real branch outside and glue the flowers directly to the wood. To see which JoAnn locations carry the kits near you, scroll through the download at the bottom of this post!

Styling Inspiration

There are 12 blooms in total with this flower kit including two colors of leaves to go with it. You have the creative freedom to style these in any way you would like, but we decided to create two branches with 6 blooms each. Stick them into a pretty vase, or even make a pretty wall hanging with the branches. It’s up to you! To add variety you can pair your dogwood with another beautiful blooming branch: apple blossoms. If you have been curious about crafting with crepe paper, you can find our crepe dogwood template in this post. We recommend creating a branch with a mix of paper blooms from the kit and crepe blooms. You might be surprised at how eye-catching the texture can be! 

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team