Can You Smell The Roses?

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If you haven’t already heard, we just launched spring paper garden collection for Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores. To celebrate, we’ll share a new flower every day until the first day of spring. Here in Portland, we are known for our roses, so it would only be appropriate to start off our Countdown to Spring with our paper garden roses! 

Crafting your Garden Roses

Roses are the very first paper flower that I ever created, so I have a very special relationship with these blooms. And not only that, but they are maybe the most symbolic flower in history. Roses have been around for millennia, which of course contributes to both their popularity and their prevalence around the world. They come in a huge variety of species and colors, so they are really versatile. Because we are celebrating spring, our garden rose craft kit in JoAnn Stores features petals in ombre shades of blush pink and pastel yellow, plus two tones of green for the leaves. You will find instructions included with the kit, as well as a list of additional materials you need to make the roses, like floral wire, a hot glue gun and scissors. Then you can follow along with our complete video tutorial below as you craft. 

Styling Ideas and Rosy Inspiration

Garden roses are one of those flowers that are gorgeous even on their own. Even a single rose can add that special something to a room. Other than crafting a blooming bouquet, you have so many options for using these garden roses. We love the idea of creating a stunning DIY display in a glass dome that can combine multiple natural elements. Browse through our photos for inspiration, or make a mixed media display by making crepe versions too! You can find all the crepe supplies you need in the same section of JoAnn Stores as the craft kits, then you can follow along with our tutorials for crepe garden roses, rose buds or Juliet roses

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team