Paper Gardenias
Stop and Smell the Gardenias

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Gardenias are an undeniably gorgeous flower with an even more gorgeous fragrance. They are often a favorite for wedding decor, boutonnieres and corsages because of their beautiful scent. Back when I owned my flower shop, I also found that they are very popular for Mother’s Day. Which is good timing, because gardenias tend to begin blooming in May! As wonderful as gardenias are, they can be very tricky to nurture and grow. On top of that, they are not an ideal flower to have indoors because they can attract bugs (just like they can attract people!). For both of these reasons, a paper option is perfect! Paper gardenias may not have that characteristic scent, but they will last you all summer without any maintenance. 

Crafting Your Gardenias

When I was working in California many years ago, someone once gave me a gardenia that I put in my office. When the flower started blooming the fragrance filled the entire room in an unforgettable way. That memory is what inspired me to create a paper version of these beauties. Our paper gardenia kit available in JoAnn Stores includes pearl white petals for that signature crisp look, with two shades of green leaves. Gardenia leaves are known for being strong, shiny and leather-like, so they are essential for completing the aesthetic of the flower. Open the download below to see which JoAnn Stores near you carry the kits, then follow our video tutorial for crafting these blooms!

Styling Inspiration 

In nature, gardenias grow on big, abundant evergreen bushes. You are certainly welcome to recreate this look for a fun crafting challenge, or you can simply use the individual blooms to add an extra dose of pretty to any place you think needs it! We love the idea of using a gardenia as an elegant gift topper, especially for a wedding gift. To create a textured bouquet, you can always craft some crepe gardenias to combine with the flowers from our kit. Conveniently, our white crepe paper is located in the same section as our paper gardenia kit 😉 Another styling tip that we are fond of is adding real leaves into a paper flower bouquet. It will make the arrangement look even more realistic!

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team