Crafting Miss Daisy

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We started our Countdown to Spring with garden roses, continued with blooming branches like dogwood and apple blossoms, and now we are featuring our last individual bloom, these colorful Gerbera daisies (stay tuned for our hydrangea wreath and spring bouquet next!). Every flower tends to have a historical significance or symbolic meaning, and the Gerbera daisy has always been a symbol of energetic happiness and friendship. Who wouldn’t want some more of that! Daisies begin blooming in the early spring, so they are a perfect flower to feature in our Countdown. Keep reading for details on our paper daisy kit in JoAnn Stores, and don’t forget to enter our Sweepstakes giveaway to win a trip to Portland!

Crafting your Paper Daisies

Gerbera daisies come in a big variety of warm colors, so we decided to include orange, fuchsia and berry pink flowers in our paper daisy kit for JoAnn Stores. There are 2 flowers in each color, and each flower is made up of 11 petal sets. Cutting all of these petals by hand can be really time consuming, which is why were excited that we could create a craft kit with all the petals pre-cut.

We usually like to curl our petals with the blunt edge of our scissors, but daisies have much stiffer petals than other flowers. Instead of curling the petals, you should score the middle of them with the knife edge of your scissors. This will give the petals the dimension they need to look realistic. When assembling your daisies it’s important to layer the petals correctly, so we added numbers to each petal set that you can follow. You can watch our instructional video below for guidance as you craft!

Styling Inspiration

Our Gerbera daisies are unique because we use 6 floral wires taped together to create the thick stem. Daisies naturally rest in an open facing way, so we recommend bending the stem at the base of the bloom to recreate this. You can also make the stem even thicker by pairing it with a leaf or two that’s attached to a separate floral wire. We liked the idea of creating a whimsical display with one flower in each narrow vase, but these daisies are beautiful in a regular bouquet too. In the past we have arranged a daisy bouquet using real leaves and it was gorgeous! Daisies are perfect little bursts of sunshine, so another unique idea is to make the blooms without stems and turn them into refrigerator magnets, like we did with our felt plumerias.

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team