Peony in Pink

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Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, but then again I say that about a lot of flowers. To me, peonies are the most lovely, romantic flower in the whole world! A peony bloom only lasts for about 10 days, so their short bloom time almost gives them a magical quality. If you ever need a mid-day pick-me-up, try searching peonies in Google images. We promise that the results will not disappoint! Peonies tend to come in lighter colors like pastels, and the most classic blooms feature marvelous and feminine shades of pink. Because peony season is so short-lived, we have found that the best way to keep these beauties around for longer is to make them out of paper!

Crafting your Paper Peonies

This is one of those flowers that people will not believe is made out of paper. Peonies are know for their abundant and lush petals, so our paper peony kit in JoAnn Stores includes 7 layers of petals per flower. There are two blooms, one pink and one peach, with green leaves and yellow fringed centers. Even more than most of our flowers, you will really want to make sure to curl the petals. This is the trick to making them look realistic. Watch our instructional video below to guide you as you craft! You can also find the JoAnn Store that carries the kits nearest to you by scrolling through the download attached to this post, or by browsing JoAnn’s website here.  

Styling Inspiration

It’s probably not surprising to hear that peonies are very popular for weddings and bridal bouquets. The fullness of peony blooms and their color palette incorporate well with almost any wedding decor. In the past I actually worked with my floral artist friend Kyla to create a gorgeous wedding bouquet that combined real seeded eucalyptus, garden roses, hydrangeas with crepe paper cream peonies. If you want to play around with making crepe paper peonies, we have two different tutorials to try: Sarah Bernhardt peonies and the cream colored peonies from that wedding bouquet. You can also find our extra fine crepe paper in the same section as our paper flower garden kits in JoAnn Store!

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team