A Pop of Color

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Poppies are one of those really happy flowers. California hillsides are adorned with the orange blooms starting in mid-March, and it’s inspiring how tenacious these delicate little flowers can be. I lived in California for about five years, and I always have nostalgia thinking about driving down the highway and seeing the poppies blowing in the wind. What you may not know is that it is actually illegal in California to pick poppies. Which is why making paper poppies is the perfect solution! 

Crafting your Poppies

Poppies bloom in many different colors, but because we wanted to specifically celebrate the California poppy, we included orange and red petals in our paper poppy kit for JoAnn Stores. Just like the anemone, poppies have a fringed black center. We usually like to call those the flower’s eyelashes πŸ˜‰ The main difference is that anemones have six petals while poppies have four. Poppies are a wildflower, so they tend to have wild leaves that grow along with them. All the pieces are included in the paper stack, and you can find the JoAnn location that carries the kit nearest you in the download below this post. We used 18 gauge floral wire for our poppies that we then wrapped with floral tape. Conveniently JoAnn also carries our floral tape, placed right next to the kits!

Styling Inspiration

Our kit comes with six flowers in total, so it is perfect for making a bouquet arrangement with lots of greens. You can even throw in some real greens for a unique twist! As you can see in our photo below, we decided to split the poppies up in three pairs with one flower in each color. Then we placed them in simple, thin glass vases. It might also be fun to play around with vases of different heights in your display! Because poppies have very delicate petals, tissue paper can be a great material for bringing them to life. You can find our tutorial for tissue paper poppies here to make a bouquet that mixes textures. 

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team