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Just like daffodils, ranunculus bloom into gorgeous, long-stemmed flowers that grow from bulbs. For the bulbs planted in the fall, flowers will start appearing in mid-March. As they grow, their stems can meander in all different directions, making them a wild and playful flower. Back when I had my flower shop, ranunculus were always a popular flower for wedding bouquets, especially because they offer a lovely color palette. Anytime we see ranunculus start popping up, we know that spring has sprung!   

Crafting your Ranunculus

Ranunculus flowers bloom in just about every shade of pink that you can imagine, so they are perfect for spring. Our paper ranunculus kit available at participating JoAnn Stores includes 4 flowers – two in a coral pink and two in a soft yellow. The petals have a bit of an ombre coloring to them with mixes of pearly white. The kit also includes leaves in two shades of green. You can scroll through the download below to find the JoAnn location nearest you that carries the kits. Once you have your kit ready, follow along with the video tutorial below to help you assemble the blooms. The main trick for making these blooms look realistic is to ever-so-slightly tear and crumble the edges of the petals to give them a ruffled quality. And voila! 

Styling Inspiration

Rather than crafting a bouquet arrangement with these flowers, we letting these blooms be their show-stopping selves. It’s easy to create a display with just the blooms, leaves and a pretty wooden or ceramic platter. Set this on your coffee table or entry table for some spring greetings. Another fabulous option for bringing some paper ranunculus into your spring home decor is to craft a DIY art piece. Arrange the blooms in a shadow box and glue them directly to the mat with a hot glue gun. This simple project could be the conversation piece that ties your home decor together! 

Something we always love doing with paper flowers is mixing papers to add texture. Now that participating JoAnn Stores carry our extra fine crepe and floral tape, you can pick up all the materials you need to make some crepe versions of these lovely flowers

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team

Pink paper ranunculus wall art