Welcome to Spring

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Happy first day of spring! It is finally March 20th and today marks the last day of our Countdown to Spring. For the last two weeks we have featured a beautiful spring flower that you can make with our easy craft kits in JoAnn Stores, and we are now welcoming the first day of spring with this gorgeous, overflowing spring bouquet. Talk about a burst of color! We thought this would be the perfect project to end the countdown with because it includes several spring flowers, all in one happy bundle. 

Crafting your Spring Flower Bouquet

The bouquet paper kit comes with pre-cut petals to make ranunculus, dahlias and hydrangeas, plus fillers and greens like Queen Anne’s Lace and eucalyptus. As you may already know, we have individual kits for ranunculus and hydrangeas if you prefer crafting those on their own. Once you get your bouquet kit, you can watch full video tutorials for each of the flowers on this page. To make this bouquet you will also need a combination of 18 and 22 gauge floral wires (find a list of all additional materials you will need on the back cover of the kit). You can finish off the stems with floral tape for a more professional look, and you should be able to find the floral tape in JoAnn Stores right next to our kits.  

Styling Inspiration

We first envisioned this arrangement as a bridal bouquet – the project is actually based on our Rustic Bridal Bouquet from a few years ago. Dahlias, ranunculus and hydrangeas are all really popular wedding flowers, and crafting your own bridal bouquet out of paper means you can keep it for years to come. When you’re finished making the flowers, you can pull it all together with a pretty ribbon in a color of your choice. We chose a simple black ribbon with white detailing to let the coral color palette shine. The color palette is a perfect way to bring spring into your home decor! 

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Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team