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All digital content provided by Lia Griffith Media LLC is protected by U.S. and international copyrights owned by Lia Griffith Media LLC. All digital content is available for personal use pursuant to the Use of Digital Content in the Lia Griffith Media LLC Terms of Use.

A certain number of identified items of digital content are available for Commercial Use by purchasing a Commercial License. “Commercial Use” is defined as using digital content in any physical project or product that is intended for sale or commercial use. If you plan to use Lia Griffith Media LLC owned content to create products that you will sell or use for commercial purposes, you must purchase a Lia Griffith Media LLC Digital Content Licence (“Commercial License”).

In order to be able to purchase a Commercial License, you must have joined the Lia Griffith Craft Circle. You can apply to join the Lia Griffith Craft Circle if you hold an active annual membership to The additional fee for joining the Craft Circle is $100.  This initial charge for the Craft Circle may be prorated depending on at what point during your annual membership cycle you join the Craft Circle.  After joining the Circle, you will pay your annual membership and Craft Circle membership in a one-time payment of $199 each year on your current annual membership renewal date.  This fee is an annual recurring payment unless or until it is canceled by contacting us at Please know, that should you decide to cancel your Craft Circle membership during the calendar year, refunds of a paid billing cycle, (prorated or otherwise), are not available.

A Commercial License provides someone who holds a valid license:

  1. the right to create physical projects using the design in question, either in whole or in part, and to offer that project for sale commercially, and
  2. the ability to use those physical projects in marketing materials, either in print or online, so long as this does not include providing access to the design template, either in whole or in part

You should also use Lia Griffith brand paper and products, where they are available, in the creation of any products made using the Commercial License.

Commercial Use does not include any form of online or in-person teaching or instruction. 

For the avoidance of doubt, this means that you may use or sell the physical projects you create under your own business name, however, credit to Lia Griffith for the digital content is preferred, by using the Lia Griffith branded graphics provided.

Regardless of whether you are using content for personal use or have purchased a Commercial License, under no circumstances are you permitted to sell, transfer, sublicense, alter, give away, or otherwise distribute any actual files, or parts of files, associated with digital content offered by Lia Griffith Media LLC pursuant to the Lia Griffith Media LLC Terms of Use, whether it be individually distributed in its original format, converted into an alternate format, or included in the sale of another product. This specifically prohibits the inclusion of the original design, or any portion of the design, in any digital file format that would be distributed to others for their use.

Commercial Use options only apply to the individual digital content in question for the Commercial License purchased. An individual Commercial License must be purchased for each digital content offering where Commercial Use is intended and permitted. The royalty-free Commercial License fee permits Commercial Use on an annual basis from the date of purchase and will remain valid for Commercial Use with its automatic renewal each year unless or until it is canceled. If a commercial license is unavailable for a design, then that design is limited to personal use only and the Use of Digital Content of the Lia Griffith Media LLC Terms of Use apply in respect of that digital content.

All Commercial License options include a personal use license and can be utilized for personal use as well. It is permissible to create projects using non-commercially licensed images offered by Lia Griffith Media LLC for any individual, organization, or event, so long as the projects created are not sold or used for any other Commercial Use purpose.

Commercial Licenses do not extend your rights beyond the Lia Griffith Media LLC Terms of Use. Lia Griffith Media LLC retains all reserved rights in all digital content on In particular, claiming digital content designs, videos, or design methods and/or re-selling digital content as your own is a violation of any Commercial Licence and our Terms of Use.

Upon downloading any digital file, the user accepts all liability and sole responsibility for the digital file and any accompanying files therein. Lia Griffith Media LLC is not responsible or liable for any damages, losses, or other consequences incurred as a result of downloading any digital file from this site.

Any violation or breach of any Commercial License and/or our Terms of Use will result in your Commercial License being terminated and your membership to being canceled.

Lia Griffith Media LLC reserves the right to amend, alter or update these terms and conditions at any time, without further notice, to existing license holders.